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Google’s Matias Duarte announces Android Design

As I am typing this Google’s Matias Duarte is doing an impromptu interview the The Verge, and he made a big announcement for developers.  Google has now made the Android Design Style Guide available.  Duarte stated that he felt the Ice Cream Sandwich launch was not complete until this guide was made available.


Motorola's Sanjay Jha makes statements about OEM skins and production cycles

There is always complaining about OEM skins on devices, and therefore the update cycles that these devices face.  It can also become difficult for OEM’s to update devices in a timely manner when they are constantly releasing newer devices every month or so.  Motorola Mobility CEO, Sanjay Jha, sat down the crew over at The […]


New Verizon MAP get released, Shows the Droid 4 listed at $249

Verizon and Motorola have definitely had a presence at CES this year.  The duo have announced the Droid Razr Maxx, the Droid Razr in purple and the Droid 4.  In the press releases both the Razr Maxx and the purple version of the Razr got their pricing revealed, however the Droid 4 was left out.  The latest […]

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Fun Post: Fully chromed out Audi on display at CES

Some of you may find this hard to believe, but there are more than new Android phones being shown off at CES.  Take a look at this fully chromed out Audi R8 that is on display.  Well some of you may think this a little over the top, and I have to agree, the fact […]

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AT&T announces the Samsung Galaxy Note at CES 2012

Yesterday at CES 2012 AT&T announced that they would be carrying the Samsung Galaxy Note on their LTE network in the near future.  If you don’t remember the Galaxy Note is a 5.3″ device that is the offspring of a smartphone and a tablet.  The Note has an amazing HD Super AMOLED display that I […]


Sony makes the "Nozomi" official as the Xperia S

There have been some rumors floating around about the “Nozomi” from Sony for the last few weeks, but now it is official.  today at CES 2012 Sony announced the “Nosomi” as simply the Xperia S.  The device will feature a 4.3″ display that will have a resolution of 1280×720, will be powered by a 1.5GHz […]


ASUS Transformer Prime owners should expect to start seeing Android 4.0 update today

ASUS was just full of awesome news today at CES.  They, along with NVIDIA, announced a 7″ version of the Transformer Prime that would cost only $249…which is awesome!  Not to be a one trick pony, ASUS also announced that Transformer Prime owners would start to see their Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) update starting […]


NVIDIA announces the ASUS 7" Eee Pad MeMo (ME370T), an Android 4.0 tablet for just $249

There is no doubt that Android tablets, or tablets in general, are going to run you a pretty penny if you want something of substance.  The big hurdle in Android tablets becoming more popular has always been the price, as why would someone spend the same amount of cash for an Android tablet when they […]


ASUS set to announce a 7″ EeePad at CES 2012?

The popularity of the ASUS Transformer, both Eee Pad and Prime, it does not come as a surprise that ASUS may be looking to expand their line of Android tablets.  Rumors have surfaced that ASUS maybe announcing a 7″ EeePad tablet at CES this year, which makes me very happy as I am a fan of the […]

Verizon finally makes the Motorola Droid Bionic official, arrives September 8th for $299 on contract

The day has finally come that the Motorola Droid Bionic is official.  The journey has been a long one, as we first saw the Bionic back in January at CES, and then it went under the knife for some changes and enhancements.  The new and improved Bionic will run you a hefty $299 on contract when released […]