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CyanogenMod Testing Torrents As A Distribution Method for CM7.2 RC1

CyanogenMod Team has announced that they will be testing torrents as a way of distributing CM7.2-RC1 release. Torrents are a widely popular distribution method for many files.  They way they work is the files are split up and shared by people called “seeders”.  There is no central download location.  The more people who download and […]


CyanogenMod 7 For Droid 3 Coming Soon

With Cyanogen it’s never a case of IF, more like when.  Droid 3 is looking like it will receive some CM7 Gingerbread in the near future.  Right now it is still early early development stages the masterminds behind the most widely used ROM are coming close to a possible beta early release.  As of right […]

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Early CyanogenMod 7 build for LG Optimus Black now available for download

The revolution known as Cyanogen will never cease to amaze me.  LG Optimus Black get some CM7 love.  Not that I am surprised by it really, I am almost convinced (after the HP port) that the developers of CM can port it to a TV given enough time.  This early build is brought to you […]

Samsung Mobile! buys Steve @Cyanogen Kondik for undisclosed amount

There are no other ROM developers as known as Cyanogen, his ROMs have touched more phones than we can count.  Even our own IceandFire’s ROMs are based off Cyanogen Mod 7 (CM7).