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Work on CM9 begins, don't forget rule#1 of CyanogenMod

With the release of the Android 4.0 source code teams like CyanogenMod are of course starting to work on their next iteration.  When the source code dropped Steve Kondik made a tweet about seeing us in two months.  This of course does not mean that CM9 will be ready to go in two months, rather […]


Android 4.0 source code now available on AOSP, same build as Galaxy Nexus

So today has turned out to finish with a bang.  It seems that the source code for Ice Cream Sandwich has just made its way to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP).  This is the same build that will launch on the Galaxy Nexus, Android 4.0.1, and you know that all those devs out there […]


New ROMs from IceandFire for the Nexus S and HTC Desire HD

Our very own IceandFire has just released a new version of his ROM for the Nexus S and the HTC Desire HD.  All these new ROMs are part of his *Ultimate* series and definitely bring some nice new features. If you are looking for a new ROM to try out I suggest you hit the […]


Ice and Fire ROM's Being Updated NOW!

  After being taken away for a short time, our very own ROM developer is BACK!  We are very proud to have him as an AndroidNerds exclusive developer and for all of the accomplishments he has made in his time here.  His ROM’s are known are around the net and listed on places such as […]

HTCDev bootloader unlock tool now available for European and Canadian versions of the HTC EVO 3D

HTC is continuing to add more devices to the list for their HTCDev unlock tool.  The Sprint version of the EVO 3D was added about a month ago, and now we have the unlocked European version and the Rogers version in Canada to add to the list.  Now it is important to remember that while […]

Samsung Mobile! buys Steve @Cyanogen Kondik for undisclosed amount

There are no other ROM developers as known as Cyanogen, his ROMs have touched more phones than we can count.  Even our own IceandFire’s ROMs are based off Cyanogen Mod 7 (CM7).

Atrix Gingerbread Update Rumored To Bring Unlockable Bootloader

Well this is one for the ages folks!  it loks like the Gingerbread update that is expected to be hitting the Atrix 4G in July will also include the ability to unlock the bootloader.  I am still a little shocked and in disbelief about this one, but it does seem that manufacturers are trying to […]

LG Revolution Gets It’s First Custom Rom!

We haven’t seen much development when it comes to the LG Revolution. We have root and recently we got a custom version of ClockWorkMod recovery. Now thanks to thecubed we now have our first custom Rom. This isn’t to complex, but it is deodexed, de-bing’d, rooted and debloated version the stock Rom.  Changelog and Install Instructions: […]

Android 2.3.3 Test Builds For The Samsung Captivate Get Leaked

We all know about the issues that Samsung users had to go through in getting Froyo on the Galaxy S series in the US, well ow we have some leaked Gingerbread builds for the Captivate.  There are two leaked builds available for the brave and curious, that contain different build dates, and of course contain some minor differences. […]