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HTC Desire HD, Incredible S receiving Sense 3.0 Update

According to reports from HTC users, the Desire HD and Incredible S are both receiving updated to Android 2.3.5 and HTC sense 3.0, which puts them right on par with more recent phone like the Sensation and EVO 3D. It’s reported that the Wildfire S has also been updated to Android 2.3.5 but still running […]


New ROMs from IceandFire for the Nexus S and HTC Desire HD

Our very own IceandFire has just released a new version of his ROM for the Nexus S and the HTC Desire HD.  All these new ROMs are part of his *Ultimate* series and definitely bring some nice new features. If you are looking for a new ROM to try out I suggest you hit the […]

HTC Releases Source Code For the Incredible S And Some Others

This morning appears to be HTC news day, as we have seen numerous stories regarding new devices, we now have one for some that are already out there.  HTc has released the source code for the Incredible S, Wildfire S and an update for the Desire HD.  Now as usual with source code being released […]

HTC Starts Rolling Out Gingerbread OTA To Desire HD And Incredible S

For all you HTC Desire HD and Incredible S owners we have some good news for you. It looks like HTC is starting to roll out the OTA update for Gingerbread, so make sure you keep an eye out for it. It make take a few days for this update to hit everyone so be […]

Hands On With The HTC Pyramid Leaked Test ROM Ported To The Desire HD

When the HTC Sensation was announced at the LOndon event I was immediately impressed with the improvements on Sense 3.0.  We latter heard that Sense 3.0 might not make it onto existing devices due to hardware limitations, however that has been proven worng.  Yesterday we saw a leaked test ROM for the Pyramid/Sensation, and now […]

Leaked Pyramid/Sensation ROM Gets Ported To The Desire HD

Only 24 hours after the Pyramid/Sensation ROM leaked we now have it ported to an existing device. All you Desire HD (rooted of course) owners can now give the new Sense 3.0 a whirl. Now please keep in mind that this is a very early port, and therefore has numerous bugs in it. On the […]

HTC Pyramid Gets Up, Close And Personal With Mr. Blurrycam

By now I am sure that you are all familiar with mr. Blurrycam and his ability to nap shots of unofficial and unannounced phones.  Well today’s victim appears to be the HTC Pyramid, which has been rumored to be sporting the new Qualcomm dual-core processor that many have hoped to see in older devices (Inspire […]

TELUS Discloses Plans For Android OS Upgrades To Existing Devices

The gang over at MobileSyrup decided to ask TELUS what their plans were for future OS upgrades on the majority of their existing devices.  The carrier was nice enough to disclose the planned roadmap for upgrades, and there is some very good news for Android users on TELUS.  The really good news is that a few devices will be seeing their official Gingerbread […]

Review: Case-Mate POP! Case For The Desire HD

Now obviously if you decide to spend some serious cash on a new phone you want to make sure that you keep it protected.  For some of us the simple skins, or holsters just aren’t what we are looking for, well here comes a new series from the folks over at CaseMate, the POP case. […]

Quick Look At The TELUS Desire HD

So here it is the first 4.3″ Android device to hit the Canadian market, and boy it is a beauty.  The Desire HD was first launched in Europe and has now made it’s way to North American in two forms, you have the DHD on TELUS and the Inspire 4G on AT&T.  As you can […]