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Droid X2 Gingerbread Update Rolling Out Now

Phandroid reported yesterday that a Gingerbread update had shown up on Wal-Mart’s suport page in a PDF for the Motorola Droid X2.  It is now being sent to handsets since it is now live.

AmazonWireless Drops The Price On Several Android Devices, You Can Get The DROID 3 For Only $69.99!!

When it comes to great deals on new Android devices AmazonWireless is always rising to the ocassion.  We have recently been made aware that AmazonWireless has reduced the price on some very nice devices, such as the DROID 3 and the X2 to mention a few.  If you in the market for a new Android […]

Droid X2 Already Rooted Thanks To GingerBreak!

Well it seems that the brand new Droid X2 from Motorola and Verizon has already been rooted, and really it comes as no surprise.  These days it is odd if a phone isn’t rooted only hours after being in the hands of the faithful Android community, and the Droid X2 is no different.  This time […]

Droid X2 May Actually Be Available In Stores Tomorrow

We heard the official word from Verizon this morning that the Droid X2 would be launching in stores on May 26th, but you may be able to get it a week earlier.  Androidcentral has received some tips from multiple sources that you will actually be able to pick up a Droid X2 in stores tomorrow.  We are […]

Verizon Officially Announces The Motorola Droid X2, Available May 26th For $199

Well we were hoping this one would be here today and our wish has been granted.  Verizon has officially announced the Motorola Droid X2 which will be available on May 26th in stores or on May 19th for pre-order online.  The Droid X2 is of course the follow up to the original Droid X however […]

LG Revolution Also Set To Launch On May 26th?

By the looks of the leaked slides and the official press releases Verizon is going to have a very busy Android day on May 26th.  We now know that the Xperia Play will launch for certain, and there have been rumors of the Droid X2 launching the same day, and now we have a leaked […]

Update: Droid X2 To Launch May 26th With Dual-Core, qHD And Gingerbread!!

Well earlier today we reported about the delay on the Droid X2 on Verizon where we talked about how there was no mention of an official release date.  Well it looks like we now have a new release date for the Droid X2 and it isn’t to far off.  The new rumored release date for […]

New Images Of The Motorola DROID X2 Appear

It’s been a little while since we first saw some leaked photos of what was being called the Motorola Droid X2, and today we have some new ones.  While there isn’t to much new for you about the device we can say that it is currently running Android 2.2.2, has a 8MP camera with dual […]

Motorola’s Upcoming Targa, Droid X2, and Droid 3 Pose For The Camera

There have been many rumors of the upcoming Moto lineup, some confirmed, some not. We now have photographic proof. Pictured is the Targa (will probably get a name change before launch), the Droid X2, and the Droid 3. The Targa has been rumored to be packing LTE heat and be headed to Verizon. No new […]