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The HTC Puccini Tablet Makes It’s Way Through The FCC

The next HTC tablet has made it’s way to the FCC.  The HTC Puccini, and yes that is a code name, has passed through the doors of the FCC and is now all that closer to being ready to hit the shelves.  While there really isn’t that much that can be seen fro the FC […]

HTC Flyer Makes Another Appearance At The FCC, This Time With T-Mobile Bands

The WiFi version of teh HTC Flyer is already available at a Best Buy near you, but it looks like it may also be making it’s way to T-Mobile as well.  Sprint is bringing their version, the EVO View 4G on June 24th, but the Flyer has made another pit stop at the FCC with […]

Radio Shack Flyer Shows The EVO 3D Being Released On June 24th

While there have been numerous rumors floating around about the launch date of the EVO 3D it looks like we may not see it till June 24th.  We had previously heard early June from a source, and an earlier Radio Shack flyer showed the launch date as June 4th, so who knows at this point. […]

Best Buy Announces The WiFi HTC Flyer Will Be Available On May 22nd

Best Buy has announced today that the WiFi only HTC Flyer, a Best Buy exclusive, will be available in stores on May 22nd.  The Flyer is definitely a dark horse in the Android tablet game, as it does not come loaded with Honeycomb and features a stylus that may or may not be included with […]

Leaks Galore!! This Time Around The HTC Dual Core Puccini Tablet With Honeycomb

If you thought the leaks for the day were done, you were wrong.  This time we have the HTC Puccini which is a dual core honeycomb tablet, and it looks like quite the beast.  The leaked test rom points towards a 800×1280 display, which means this one will most likely be a 10.1″ model opposed to […]

HTC EVO View 4G Test ROM Gets Leaked

If there is one thing you should expect leading up to the release of a new device that is some leaked test roms.  As usual those sneaky guys over at 911Sniper got heir hands on the test rom for the un-released HTC EVO View 4G, which is basically the HTC Flyer for Sprint.  There are […]

HTC Flyer Hits The Shelves Today In Europe, Will It Be A Success?

The HTC Flyer is finally hitting the shelves today in Europe, and will hopefully see some good sales numbers. While the Flyer has intrigued a lot of people due to the use of a digital pen to provide added features such as HTC Scribe, the tablet is only coming loaded with Gingerbread where almost all […]

Digital Pen For The HTC Flyer Gets Pricing At Best Buy

The HTC Flyer and it’s Stylus have been much talked about in the Android world.  The tablet has been under criticism due to the lack of Honeycomb at launch, however it does bring some new technology (HTC Scribe) with it’s stylus/digital pen.  When we saw the Flyer go up for pre-order at for $499 there […]

HTC Flyer WiFi Model Now Available For Pre-Order From Best Buy For $499

If the HTC Flyer is the tablet that has really peaked your interest, then you may want to hit up Best Buy to get your pre-order in. The WiFi version of the tablet is now up on the Best Buy site as promised, and has a retail value of $499. The expected shipping date is […]

Rumor: HTC Flyer to Hit T-Mobile In Early June???

Now this is a rumor at this point, so yes that means take it all with a grain of salt people, but reports from tipsters are pointing towards a June release of the HTC Flyer on T-Mobile.  TmoNews got a tip regarding the launch of the new HTC Android tablet and that is potentially going […]