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Gmail app updated – brings ICS flavor to Honeycomb devices

Google has pushed an update out for the Android Gmail app today that brings some of the ICS flavor to Honeycomb devices.  Now of course there are also some fixes and new features for Gingerbread and Froyo devices, however the largest changes will only be felt by those that are using Honeycomb.


Benchmark Your Android Device With M3D Benchmark

If you are interested in understanding how much your Android device can handle 3D games and apps, take a look at the M3D Benchmark application posted by XDA forum member sadegh1993. Developed by knight93, the Benchmark is created with the Unity 3D game engine and is based on OpenGL ES 2.0 showing that your device can handle advanced […]


A Great New App called 'My Sync Center' Helps you sync your data

I’ve been looking for app to sync my data from my PC to my Motorola Droid, ok I haven’t been looking that hard. AndroidPolice has found an app that looks very promising. It’s called My Sync Center, and it syncs data between your device and PC using your local WiFi.

What’s next after Ice Cream Sandwich…Jelly Bean

Progress.  Google announced Android 1.0 in 2008 and it has blown up since then.  ThisIsMyNext says that the next Android OS could be called Jelly Bean, while we cont have a version number yet I am sure that will come out soon.

AT&T announces the Impulse 4G, a mild mannered “4G” device

AT&T this morning has announced their latest entry to the entry level Android field.  The Huawei Impulse 4G adds another device to their “4G” line and at a very reasonable price as well.  The Impulse 4G is a 3.8″ device that has the typical 480×800 resolution and is running Android 2.2.  The device will also have a 5MP camera […]

HP TouchPad Running Android 2.2?

We recently heard the news of the news of the $1500 bounty for the first functional Android OS running on a TouchPad. Although this Video clearly shows the Android Version, I am still a bit skeptical. Noone is sure of the source of this video, but something tells me it will be debunked more sooner […]

HTC Droid Incredible 2 Getting Ready To Receive It’s Gingerbread Update From Verizon

For all of you that grabbed the second variant of the Droid Incredible you should be getting your Gingerbread update sometime in the not so distant future.  As you can see Verizon has added the above documentation to their support pages.  The update will of course take the device from Froyo to Gingerbread and  will include […]

Gingerbread Build Leaks For The Samsung Fascinate

Well look what has been found here…. A Gingerbread build for the phone that we thought would never get Froyo, the Samsung Fascinate.  Today seems to be the day for Gingerbread builds for phones that no one ever thought would get them, as we have already seen Android 2.3.3 running on the Xperia X10, and […]

Virgin Gets A New Android Device As Motorola Announces The Triumph

Motorola decided to not only announce the Photon 4G for Sprint today, but they have also decided to fill us all in on a new Virgin Mobile device…. The Motorola Triumph.  The Triumph brings a relatively decent spec list to the table and while not a dual-core “super smartphone”, which we have become accustomed to […]

GIngerbread Update Coming To The Cellcom Galaxy S And Milestone X

If you are wondering who Cellcom is, well you are probably not alone.  Cellcom is a small regional carrier in Wisconsin and they, along with Motorola and Samsung, have announced that they are getting ready to push out the Android 2.3 update to two of their Android handsets.  Their Galaxy S and Milestone X devices […]