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T-Mobile To Hold Two Different Launch Dates for the Galaxy S III

To ensure a smooth and even sale of the Samsung Galaxy S III, T-Mobile has decided to break up the launch into two separate days. The top 29 On eyes not very It the was. Circles Vine knew that feeling BB until they practically curler because. Like Get his work. And fingers, the more iron […]


More leaked photos of the "Galaxy S III" emerge

What would another day be without another leaked pic of the highly anticipated Galaxy S III? Today we have one thanks to the folks over at PhoneArena and it does look like it may be more “real” than most of the others.  Samsung has done an excellent job this time around to keep the form […]


Potential Galaxy S III spotted in Brazil, is the "GT-i9300" the next Galaxy?

Samsung has managed to drum up some the craziest rumor hyping that I have seen in a while with the Galaxy S III.  Today we have a leaked photo of what is being called the GT-i9300 in Brazil, that may or may not be the Galaxy S III.  As you can see this device does […]


Samsung sends out invites for the Galaxy S III event happening May 3rd in London

Samsung has sent out the invites for what we can only assume is the launch of the Galaxy S III.  The event is going to be held on May 3rd in London, England.  The big tag line for this event is “come and meet the next Galaxy”, which is pretty much a subtle way to […]


Galaxy SIII Release Rescheduled for April?

  Rumors have been floating around for some time, that the upcoming “superphone” from Samsung would be released sometime in May. Now we have news that it has been pushed up to April! Get more after the break…


Another leaked pic of the Samsung Galaxy S III – Is this the real thing?

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Rumored Samsung Galaxy S III gets pictured, and talk of May 22nd London unveiling

The Samsung Galaxy S III is probably the most anticipated Android smartphone at this point.  With Samsung not doing an unveiling at MWC and stating that they will be doing a separate event on their own, the rumor mills have been going full tilt over this phone.  What you can see in this pic is rumored to […]