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Confirmed: New Galaxy Note 10.1 Information

We received some great information from a very reliable source of the Galaxy Note 10.1. The Note 10.1 awaiting to be released, however, we have received word theat this tablet will be in Best Buy stores on the 15-16th depending on the store. The ta blet features Samsung’s Exynos Quad Core Processor. Something interesting about […]


[RUMOR][Leak] Samsung Galaxy S III MetroPCS specifications

(Image not necessarily from the MetroPCS SGS3) Could this be the holy grail of MetroPCS?  It’s possible.  We have received information on what could be the specs to the Samsung Galaxy S3 for MetroPCS.  The following is a rumor, it came in on via email from a fake GMail account, we can not validate the […]


Sprint MVNO Ting to offer Galaxy S3

Samsung’s flagship, the Galaxy S3, will be joining the prepaid party with Ting. Ting is a lesser known MVNO from Sprint. The Galaxy S3 is set to be shipped in 3-6 weeks. Ting has it set for pricing at $529 for the 16GB version and $579 for the 3 2GB version. While this may seem […]


Best Buy Giving Away Gnex on Verizon

Have you been debating whether or not to get that new device on an upgrade? Maybe your looking for a new carrier. Whatever the scenario, the famed (or infamous) Samsung Galaxy Nexus is a great option. Now you can pick one up at Best Buy for literally free!

Garnet Red Samsung Galaxy S III Now Available at AT&T

  Today, July 29th, you can head to no prescription online pharmacy your local AT&T retail store and pick up the Garnet Red version of the Samsung Galaxy S III.  It features a red battery cover, home button and bezel with a gunmetal rim running along the edges.  Pretty sweet looking phone if you ask […]


Factory Images Now Available for Nexus S, GNex, and Nexus 7

If you have one of the above listed devices, and are reluctant to modify the software, you can now rest assured. The Android 4.1.1 factory images have now been released.


Sprint sending Samsung Epic 4G Touch over to Boost Mobile

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[ROM] XenonHD V4.0 Now Available for the Galaxy Nexus

If you don’t already know about about XenonHD! It’s a ROM built by Team Horizon comprising of Adam80460 and IceandFire (me ;P). The ROM is based on pure AOSP 4.1.1 and is available for Galaxy Nexus (Both Toro and Maguro). Some of the features t hat XenonHD ROM comes with are as follows: Apex Launcher […]

Review: Cruzerlite Persona of Andy Case for the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 SGH-T989

  Mobile LinkI am always on a quest for new, cool and different cases for my Samsung Galaxy S2. That quest may have come to an end with Cruzerlite. Curzerlite cases use tough thermoplastic polyurethane or TPU material that is heavy canada meds duty yet light weight, shock absorbent as well as scratch resistant… It is […]


Big Red Lowers Two-Year Price of Gnex to $99

Have you upgraded your old Blackberry or Android device lately? I literally just bought my new Nexus. But have been wanting one since release! If you’re like me, and like to save money, you’re in luck!  If you’re a Verizon customer, that is…