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T-Mobile G2x Android 2.3.4 Update Now Available

Users of the T-Mobile G2x can relax now. Your Android 2.3.4 update is officially available from LG and T-Mobile beginning today, April 23rd. In the past the update was on LG’s website, then it was pulled, then it was put back up only to be pulled again. Man, can someone make up their mind? Beginning […]


Gmail app updated – brings ICS flavor to Honeycomb devices

Google has pushed an update out for the Android Gmail app today that brings some of the ICS flavor to Honeycomb devices.  Now of course there are also some fixes and new features for Gingerbread and Froyo devices, however the largest changes will only be felt by those that are using Honeycomb.


Droid 3 Soak Test getting ready to start up, emails sent out

For those of you that have a Motorola Droid 3 on Verizon you will be happy to know that a soak test for an update is in the works.  Sadly this will not be ICS, as Verizon left the Droid 3 off their update list, but it will most likely include some much-needed bug fixes.


New Project for the Droid RAZR

Motorola’s Feedback Network is sending out invitations tonight to DROID RAZR owners, asking if they want to participate in a soak test for a new “project.” The details of the update are absent as usual, but with software leaking within the last couple of weeks, we have a pretty good idea as to what we […]


Gingerbread now available for the Samsung Captivate

It’s been a long wait, but Samsung Captivate users can finally upgrade their device to Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). Here are the benefits of updating your device, according to the Samsung page: Download management New layout for larger fonts Word prediction, multi-touch for numerical input One-touch word selection and copy/paste Fixed Top-menu in Gmail  Voice Search […]


LG Announces LTE Spectrum with HD IPS Display for Verizon Wireless

The LTE-capable LG Spectrum for Verizon Wireless was officially announced this morning at CES, boasting Verizon’s first 4.5-inch True HD In-Plane Switching (IPS) display. ESPN has already stuck its finger in LG’s HD display pie, offering 720p HD quality sports videos via the ScoreCenter app on the new Spectrum. The LG Spectrum will be available January 19th […]


MOTOLUXE and DEFY Mini by Moto

Motorola introduces two more devices underneath their belt. The Motolux (another bad name XYBOARD), and the DEFY Mini. The only common thing between the two is Gingerbread 2.3. The Motolux will cary a 4-inch, 8-megapixel camera and front-facing VGA camera. Hit the break for more information


Samsung Replenish 2.3 Update available Now

If you’re a lucky owner of the affordable, physical keyboard Samsung Replenish you will be happy to hear that Android 2.3 is rolling out over-the-air today. The update will include:   Increased speed and efficiency throughout One-touch word selection and improved copy and paste Better power management Downloads app SMS messaging fix If you still […]


Samsung Galaxy M will be released in South Korea

Samsung is planning on releasing a new phone only in South Korea, called the Galaxy M (“M” as in Magical). The specs on the phone are midrange which include a four-inch Super AMOLED screen, a single-core processor clocked at 1GHz. Camera is a three-megapixel shooter and the front camera has a VGA resolution. WiFi b/g/n is supported, […]


HTC includes more Devices Available for in thier Bootloader Unlock Tool

HTC kept its promise and made HTC Amaze, EVO 3D and Sensation happy by releasing a bootloader unlock tool for those devices. HTC has not stopped there and made the T-Mobile MyTouch 4G Slide and Evo View 4G tablet on Sprint to the mix and joining the Evo Design 4G and HTC Flyer Tablet. A five-step process including the Android SDK, registration, validation, and finally […]