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LG Optimus Slider And HTC Wildfire S Coming To Virgin Mobile In October

There are a lot of people going to non-contractual companies (pre-paid) I am one of them.  I went to MetroPCS because I get what I need for half of what big companies charge.  Today we find out Virgin Mobile will be getting the LG Optimus Slider as well as the HTC Wildfire S this October. […]


[Press Release] Rogers Expandng LTE Coverage and Announces HTC Jetstream Tablet As First LTE Tablet In Canada

Rogers, one of the largest carriers in Canada, is expanding its LTE network to Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.  They issued a press release for it today.  This is really good to hear since the US has already started implementing the massive network overhaul to 4G with several carriers now.  With this press release they also […]


T-Mobile Officially Announces The HTC Amaze 4G And Samsung Galaxy S II

  The day most of us have been waiting for!  T-Mobile announced the arrival of the most anticipated Samsung Galaxy S II and HTC Amaze 4G.  Today at GigaOM’s mobilize conference in San Francisco T-Mobile announced thier line of 4G devices HTC Amaze 4G and the Samsung Galaxy S II.  Both of the phones were announced at […]


T-Mobile HTC Amaze 4G sighted, looks like the Sensation’s big brother

Another HTC poses pretty for the camera.  This is the HTC Amaze 4G, it is a very close to the HTC Sensation as we can see in the leaked press shots.  Previously the HTC “Ruby” as it was codenamed was reported to be named the Amaze 4g, now it is official.  Hit the break for […]


EVO 4G Replacement Will Be EVO Shift or Samsung Epic 4G

Granted its not the most exciting news this week, but its good to know.  I spoke to a trusted source at Sprint who confirmed the Evo Shift or Samsung Epic will be the replacement for the Evo 4G which has hit End of Life status.  I asked him if the  Evo 3D was a possibility and he […]


HTC Vigor leaks…In Pieces

  The HTC Vigor, which is supposed to replace, or be the successor of the Droid Inc 2, leaks its parts all over the internet.  Wallpapers, boot sequences, live wallpaper, and default notifications.  Previous reports place a release date of Oct. 1 to Verizon adding another 4G LTE device to the line up.  Hit the […]


HTC Gives Sense 3.5 Users 5GB of DropBox space

HTC in partnership with the popular cloud service DropBox has announced it will be giving Sense 3.5 users 5GB of space which was previously 2GB for standard users.  This additional space is for people to store files, music, videos or anything else they want and or need to store.  One of the new phones that […]


EVO 4G And Kyocera Echo On The List For End Of Life

Good phones they were, revolutionary phones they were, ending soon they are.  Sprint has had a leaked shot of some phones that have reached the end of their roads.  The one phone that stands out the most is the very first 4G phone, EVO 4g.  I would think this is caused by the release of […]



The HTC Ruby ( HTC Amaze 4G) has been seen out on the net a few times before but now there is a photo appearance for this phone.  The Ruby has a set of nice specs to it, while they are not fully confirmed this is slatd to be a higher end Android.  It is said […]


HTC Explorer is revealed by official press photos

  There is no doubt that there is still a need for more affordable Android devices to make it to market.  Sure we all love the top of the line super spec’d out smartphones of today, but not everyone is willing or able to drop a large amount of money on a phone.  We have seen numerous devices get […]