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Now Sony says it will recieve Ice Cream Sandwich Next Year

Sony confirmed in a message posted to it’s Facebook fans, seems like updates on Facebook are becoming the main source, that anyone that’s using 2011 handsets will be getting their Ice Cream Sandwich update in 2012. That all that was comprehended from the message and no


DROID Bionic will Receive Ice Cream Sandwich

If your a Bionic owner and are saying to yourself I hope the Bionic will get the ICS update, looks like your in luck.  Droid-Life found a comment from Motorola Facebook saying the Bionic will recieve the ICS update. According to Motorola, they will get to


The Quad-Core Transformer 2 Tablet leaked

Reports say that the Transformer 2 tablet from Asus boasts a quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 chip, measures in at 8.3mm thick. The device was shown off at AllThingsD’s AsiaD conference in Hong Kong yesterday by Asus’ Chief Executive Officer, Jonney Shih. The 10-inch device will be officially announced on November 9, The

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus gets pictured from the back prior to announcement

  While I am sure that Samsung and Google were trying to keep the new Nexus phone as much of a secret as possible, it seems that Samsung unveiled the device by mistake.  As with any new phone launch people start to search for pages as soon as the announcement day arrives, or even before. […]


Samsung and Google reschedule ICS Unpacked event for October 19th in Hong Kong

While we were all a little disappointed that we weren’t going to get the ICS (and potentially the new Nexus) launch event at CTIA this week, it has been rescheduled to October 19th.  The Samsung and Google Unpacked CTIA event was rumored to be the ICS launch, and by the looks of the redesigned invite […]


Ice Cream Sandwich Statue arrives on the lawn of the Google campus

There is always one sure sign that a new version of Android is just around the corner, and that is the traditional statue on the lawn outside building 44.  As with every other iteration of the Android operating system, we now have an Ice Cream Sandwich statue which of course has all us eagerly awaiting to get […]


Android Developers Youtube Channel Confirms Ice Cream Sandwich launch at CTIA

We have previously seen the invites that have been sent out for the Samsung unpacked event at CTIA this year, and of course with the inclusion of the Google logo on the invite we immediately assumed some new software and a new Nexus.  Well the Android Developers YouTube Channel has now made it official that […]

What’s next after Ice Cream Sandwich…Jelly Bean

Progress.  Google announced Android 1.0 in 2008 and it has blown up since then.  ThisIsMyNext says that the next Android OS could be called Jelly Bean, while we cont have a version number yet I am sure that will come out soon.

Ice Cream Sandwich arrives this fall.. Prime in tow

  It would seem fall is this years season for Ice Cream.. Ice Cream Sandwich that is. Google’s Eric Schmidt offered some guidance today on the release of Google’s 4th generation mobile operating system.  This release is meant to marry the tablet OS and handset OS offerings into one bountiful confection.

LEAKED: Ice Cream Sandwich, Running on Nexus S

That’s right, the newest Android OS has been spotted running on a Nexus S. As we see from the pic, there will be some blue, along with a redesigned UI. Some rumors of features like panoramic camera and re-themed Gapps. And yes, the Nexus S will be upgradeable as the Nexus Prime rolls out. Not […]