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Another ICS Leak for the Verizon HTC Rezound

Yesterday, the HTC Rezound received another Ice Cream Sandwich leak.  It’s not an official OTA update, so you won’t get a notification. You’ll have to download it and do it manually.  Rumor has it that on May 9th, the Rezound will be getting the official update to Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0).   Source: Android […]


Theme Engine Coming to a CM9-Toting Device Near You!

If you have been running CyanogenMod ROMs since the beginning, and have been missing the theme chooser since updating to CM9, the wait is almost over. Click through for more…


Android 4.0 Market Share Rises; Reaches 4.9%

It seems just yesterday that I was watching the ICS presentation on ustream. Ahhh. Nearly seven months later, and more and more devices seem to be receiving the ICS updates. As more devices begin to run the software, Android’s market share follows.


TMO Documents Reveal ICS Update for GSII; New Devices

ICS coming to a device near you! In this case, maybe as near as your pocket or belt clip! For all you GSII carriers, TMO looks to be catering to you this quarter. Read more after the break.


HTC One X Available For Pre-Order Through Radio Shack

Earlier this evening we got a present in our inbox.  It seems the HTC One X is available for pre-order with Radio Shack.  For $149.99 you can get this pretty cool phone before it comes out.  Looking at the specs to this phone 150 bones isn’t half bad at all AND it comes with ICS! […]


Chrome For Android to Lose Beta Status

Chrome for Android has only been on the market for a few months, but has made a ruckus in the mobile browsing arena. Today, we learned that the smooth little browser is about to drop out of the beta phase. Click through to read on…


HTC One S Now Available On T-Mobile — Get up to $200 back with trade-in

Today is the day that the HTC One S makes its debut on T-Mobile.  The HTC One S is the in the middle of the the One series devices.  You can pick up a shiny new One S for $200 on contract.  Want to save some dough?  Now through May 8th, T-Mobile is offering cash […]


Google gets back into the smartphone sales game, offering unlocked GSM Galaxy Nexus for $399 in the Google Play Store

It has been a little while since Google sold the Nexus phone themselves.  Today Google has gotten back into the smartphone sales game, as you can now order the Galaxy Nexus directly from Google for $399.  Now of course this is the unlocked GSM (HSPA+) model, as Verizon and Sprint are the only ones to […]

Google's Ice Cream Sandwich aka Android 4

Samsung Posts US Plans for Ice Cream Sandwich Updates

Smartphone maker, Samsung, this week released a list of US devices that will be getting the upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich. Samsung has said that the devices on the list will receive Android 4.0 by years end. The list is as follows — AT&T Galaxy S II Galaxy S II Skyrocket Galaxy Note Captivate Glide […]


Cincinnati Bell starts pushing out ICS to HTC Sensation owners

Now that HTC has released their new flagship One series devices it seems that more and more carriers are now pushing out ICs updates to existing devices.  Today Cincinnati Bell has announced that they have started to roll out the Android 4.0 update to their HTC Sensation owners.  The update will be to Android 4.0.3, […]