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Verizon Now Allowing Any Smartphone on $80 Prepaid Plan Except iPhones and LTE Devices

VZW is now allowing non-iPhone and non-LTE phones on it’s $80 prepaid plan. Previously this was limited to the Samsung Illusion. The plan includes unlimited voice and messaging and 1 GB of data. BlackBerrys on the $80 plan get access to BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS), which is required by BlackBerry Messenger, BlackBerry push Email and […]


Sprint CEO to forgo $3.25 million in 2012

Corporate fat cats are getting richer by the minute with compensation and benefits from their respective companies.  Sprint’s CEO, Dan Hesse, is going to forgo a part of his compensation plan which is already decreased with the addition of the iPhone and what that vulture company takes from its carriers.  In 2011 his benefits package was […]


[REVIEW] Powerbag Instant Messenger Bag

I was unable to attend CES this year, but I read as much as I could about the new and innovative products being announced there. One of those products I read about was called the Powerbag. I know what you’re thinking a Powerbag? What’s a Powerbag? Simply put, it’s a bag with a battery inside […]


HTC One S Now Available On T-Mobile — Get up to $200 back with trade-in

Today is the day that the HTC One S makes its debut on T-Mobile.  The HTC One S is the in the middle of the the One series devices.  You can pick up a shiny new One S for $200 on contract.  Want to save some dough?  Now through May 8th, T-Mobile is offering cash […]


[REVIEW] myCharge Portable Power Bank 6000

I’m always looking for ways to keep my devices charged on the go. Sure I could lug around my chargers with me, but what if I’m not going to be somewhere that has a wall socket for me to use? I’d be out of luck! With that being said, I went on a search to […]

In a recent update Apple may be tampering with evidence again

If all else fails, make the evidence work for you.  That appears to be Apple’s motive right now.  The kicker….this isn’t the first report of this happening….in this case alone!  This time it’s a shot at the Galaxy S II…..More after the break.

MI-ONE by Xiaomi: MIUI device Officially Announced

Are you a fan of the MIUI ROM that’s been floating around? The developers behind the iOS-like ROM have announced what looks to be a really solid device! Don’t take our word for it! Judge for yourself! Hit the Break to check out the specs!

Samsung vs. Apple Battle Heats Up A Little More As Samsung Requests To See Un-Released Devices

When Apple launched their lawsuit against Samsung for infringement on intellectual property, and basically copying the look and feel of the iPhone, they were granted permission to get a look at un-released hardware and software.  This was meant to allow Apple to see if Samsung was still making and getting ready to release devices that […]

Speed Tests In The Streets For Cash!! T-Mobile Lays Down Challenge To Seattle iPhone Users

T-Mobile has decided to put their money where their mouth is when touting the power and speed of their HSPA+ network.  The carrier has issued a chalenge to all iPhone users in Seattle to come down to a number of stores on certain dates and run the iPhone against a Samsung Galaxy S 4G in […]

Android Fan Makes Video Rebuttal To The “If You Don’t Have An iPhone” Ad

We all saw those Apple commercials that pointed out to us all the ways in which you, well basically sucked if you don’t have an iPhone. Now we all know this is far from true, as Android users and fans we enjoy everything the iPhone can provide and more. Lucky for us one Android fan, […]