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HTC One X may be launching on Rogers as early as April 20th?

The pre-orders for the Rogers version of the HTC One X have already begun, and it now looks like we may see the device hit the stores as early as April 20th.  The Rogers version of the One X will be the same as what is being called the One XL internationally.  The Rogers One […]


Droid 4 launching December 8th alongside the Galaxy Nexus?

If the rumors are correct it looks like Verizon will be adding not one high-end Android device to their arsenal on the 8th of December, but rather two new phones.  According to tips that the gang over at Droid-Life has received, it looks like the Droid 4 will be launching on December 8th potentially alongside the Galaxy […]


Motorola DROID RAZR launching on Verizon November 10th

While there has been some speculation as to when exactly the Droid RAZR would be dropping on Verizon, we now have some concrete information.  We have seen some rumors of the RAZR launching on Rogers November 4th, and now we can say that Verizon customers will get their RAZR on the 10th.  The RAZR is a super […]

Samsung Galaxy S II Coming To Bell On July 21st

We have known for a little while now that the new Samsung Galaxy S II will be coming to Bell in Canada.  We had also heard rumors of the device launching on the 14th of July, but we now have more news that points towards a July 21st launch date. The reason for the delay os the […]

Motorola Droid 3 Dummy Units Start Arriving In Stores

When it comes to new hones launching one sure bet that they are coming soon is when the dummy units start to arrive in stores.  The new Motorola Droid 3 is the latest device to see dummy units start to ship out to stores.  Usually all the promotional signs, etc start to hit the retailers approximately 2-3 […]

Droid Bionic May Launch August 4th According To Leaked Slide

As we appear to get closer and closer to the launch of the Motorola Droid Bionic more and more rumors regarding the actual launch date are floating around.  The latest comes thanks to a leaked internal slide that shows the launch date as August 4th.  This latest rumored launch date coincides with the Q3 launch that Motorola […]

New Leaked Slide Confirms Verizon Droid Incredible 2 To Launch On April 28th

We saw a leaked roadmap for new Verizon devices last week, and now we have confirmation.  The latest leaked slide confirms that the Droid Incredible 2 will launch on all channels on April 28th.  While we do not have an official announcement from Verizon, you can pretty much take this as a fact.  The pricing on […]

Rumor: Nexus S 4G For Sprint Launching On April 18th?????

Now this isn’t for sure, but it looks like the Nexus S 4G on SPrint will be launching on April 18th.  Judging by this training information, most likely for Sprint employees, shows said date as well as a little bonus to employees that sell a Nexus.  Again the Sprint version of the Nexus S is […]

Samsung Galaxy S II Gets Launch Date And Pricing

The newest addition to the Galaxy line from Samsung, the Galaxy S II, has received some pricing and availability dates from The dual-core entry from Samsung will be launching with Gingerbread has been given a tentative SIM-free release date and price from Play.  The site has it listed as starting to ship on March 31st for £599.99 […]