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Launch of the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III Delayed Until July 12th

For those of you looking to head to your local VZW store to grab the Samsung Galaxy S III, you’ll have to wait just a little bit longer.  The carrier officially confirmed today that the launch date has moved to the 12th of July. For those of you that pre-ordered the device, don’t worry, those […]

Official Pictures of the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note

AT&T will no longer be the only US carrier with the Samsung Galaxy Note.  T-Mobile will be launching it’s own version on July 11th, and it will come in Navy Blue. The good folks over at the Cell Phone Signal got their hands on what appear to be official pictures of the Galaxy Note on […]

T-Mobile To Hold Two Different Launch Dates for the Galaxy S III

To ensure a smooth and even sale of the Samsung Galaxy S III, T-Mobile has decided to break up the launch into two separate days. The top 29 On eyes not very It the was. Circles Vine knew that feeling BB until they practically curler because. Like Get his work. And fingers, the more iron […]


Samsung Galaxy S3 To Launch In Blue and White?

Tomorrow is the big day!  It’s when all of the leaks and rumors will  be put to rest and we will get the official word from Samsung on the Galaxy S3 or Galaxy S III or whatever they plan on naming it.  Today, we toss another rumor into the already overgrown pile.  The Galaxy S3 […]


Leaked Screen Suggests T-Mobile HTC One To Launch April 22nd

According to a leaked internal image obtained by TmoNews, it would appear that the T-Mobile HTC One S will be launching on April 22nd.  This is on the heals of the European release which is supposed be next week sometime.  The image features the device next to a countdown clock. There is no real guarantee […]


The Verizon Galaxy Nexus is Said to be on Track for December 15th Launch

All weekend we have been chomping at the bit to get our stick little hands on the Verizon Galaxy Nexus. Only to be informed that Verizon has delayed the launch again and again… We have been in contact with our super sleuth and we have been told that there was an internal memo sent out […]


Verizon May Delay Galaxy Nexus Launch!

I just spoke with our source and I was told that Verizon may have delayed the launch of the Galaxy Nexus do to the recent release of the Motorola Razr… Stiff competition I guess. We are also being told that all of the stores have stock ready to sell on the Galaxy Nexus. As of […]

UPDATED: AT&T and Samsung announce their Samsung Galaxy S II – AT&T will get international version of the Samsung Galaxy S II!

Update: AT&T will get international version of the Samsung Galaxy S II! While Sprint will get the standard US version. Sprint will be releasing the device two days before AT&T! It seems like it has been forever in the making but we finally have the official word from US carriers that their Galaxy S II […]

UberSocial now available for Android!!

A while back we stumbled across some web links that pointed towards UberSocial coming to the Android platform. Long has UberSocial been available on BlackBerry and iPhone and now we can enjoy it on our Android devices. The Twitter client has some great features like multiple themes, or if you don’t find one you like […]

Motorola Photon 4G Now Available From Sprint

Today is the day that you can officially get your hands on the first Motorola 4G device to hit the Sprint network, the Photon 4G.  Well not everyone here is a fan of Motorola devices the Photon does look to be an outstanding device.  from the 4.3″ display to the Tegra 2 dual-core processor, 1GB […]