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German retailers can still sell and restock Galaxy Tabs *LOOPHOLE*

Even though Apple has successfully gotten the Galaxy Tab 10.1 banned in Germany.  This did cause quite a bit of frustration with Samsung, Apple however, didn’t do a good enough job.

Eric Schmidt Comments On Patent Infringements And The Success Of Android

During an event in Tokyo held by Google, the Google Mobile Revolution, Eric Schmidt was the key speaker and he took the time to openly address the lawsuits and patent infringements that have fallen upon manufacturers like HTC. Schmidt put the emphasis on the outstanding growth of the Android platform as the reasons behind these […]

“Two Can Play At That Game” – Samsung Launches 10 Patent Infringement Suits Against Apple

After hearing the news that Apple had decided to launch a legal battle against Samsung that there would be retaliation.  Today Samsung has launched their own strike by leveling 10 patent infringement suits against Apple, however they have chosen to do so outside of the United States.  Samsung has decided not to file a counter suit to the one filed […]