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More leaked photos of the "Galaxy S III" emerge

What would another day be without another leaked pic of the highly anticipated Galaxy S III? Today we have one thanks to the folks over at PhoneArena and it does look like it may be more “real” than most of the others.  Samsung has done an excellent job this time around to keep the form […]


Potential Galaxy S III spotted in Brazil, is the "GT-i9300" the next Galaxy?

Samsung has managed to drum up some the craziest rumor hyping that I have seen in a while with the Galaxy S III.  Today we have a leaked photo of what is being called the GT-i9300 in Brazil, that may or may not be the Galaxy S III.  As you can see this device does […]

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Mr. Blurrycam pics of the Verizon HTC Incredible 4G get leaked

It looks like Mr. Blurrycam is at it again today, as leaked photos of what is thought to be the Verizon HTC Incredible 4G have leaked out.  As you can see the Incredible 4G will follow the design cues of what we expect from a Incredible on Verizon now. Until we get an official press […]


Leaked photos confirm existence of kickstand on the HTC EVO One

We are mere moments before the Sprint and HTC event starts in New York City, where we re expecting the HTC EVO One to be announced, and we have some leaked photos pop up.  As you can see from the photo the EVO One will indeed have a kickstand, and will also stay true that […]

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus LTE coming to Sprint on April 22nd?

We have known for quite some time that the Galaxy Nexus was going to be coming to Sprint as a LTE device. However there have not been many rumored dates being tossed around since Sprint announced it was coming. Luckily today The Verge got their hands on some leaked screenshots from Sam’s Club that show […]


Galaxy SIII Release Rescheduled for April?

  Rumors have been floating around for some time, that the upcoming “superphone” from Samsung would be released sometime in May. Now we have news that it has been pushed up to April! Get more after the break…


Motorola Fighter for Verizon makes a "Big" first impresion

For those of you that think a phone gets better the bigger it gets, then the Motorola fighter heading Verizon may be the one for you.  As you can see in the pic the Fighter is no shrimp, rather it seems to even dwarf the not so small Razr.  The Fighter is rumored to be […]


Leaked render of the LG CX2, the "Optimus 3D 2"

The world of Android in 2011 will be remembered for a few things, one of these is the introduction of 3D smartphones and tablets.  For the majority of us 3D was seen as a gimmick and something that I was really hoping was going to become something of times gone by.  Unfortunately it seems that […]


ASUS set to announce a 7″ EeePad at CES 2012?

The popularity of the ASUS Transformer, both Eee Pad and Prime, it does not come as a surprise that ASUS may be looking to expand their line of Android tablets.  Rumors have surfaced that ASUS maybe announcing a 7″ EeePad tablet at CES this year, which makes me very happy as I am a fan of the […]


"HTC Zeta" render leaked, rumored to be a 2.5GHz quad-core device

It seems that Android devices are out-dating themselves faster than we can report on them. Today we have a leaked render of what has been dubbed the HTC Zeta, a supposed quad-core device. While many consumers are just now getting ready to pick up their first dual-core device, manufacturers are already looking to the future […]