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Amazon Announces the 8.9" Kindle Fire HD 4G LTE Wireless!

Amazon, at their live event in Santa Monica CA, yesterday announced the Kindle Fire 8.9″ HD 4G LTE Wireless.  It is a major upgrade over the original Kindle Fire.  I think Amazon really knocked it out of the ballpark with this tablet.  The tablet comes in a 32GB for $499 and a 64GB for $599.  […]

RIM's CEO Uses an Android Device to "Stay Educated About the Market"

It’s no secret that RIM is fallen on hard times. BlackBerry 10 devices being pushed back until 2013 isn’t helping either. Recently, Al Sacco of CIO sat down with RIMs CEO Thorsten Heins to ask him some questions, it was discovered that he uses an Android device. His reason behind it? He says it’s “to […]


Appreciate Website — Discover New Apps Based on User Stats

Looking for a new app for your phone or tablet?  The Google Play Store is where most people will go.  That’s great and all but the Play Store has become so massive that most users won’t search much for apps.  Typically, most people will rely on suggestions from friends as to what apps to try […]


Google Inks Deal with MGM Studios – Adds 600 Titles to the Google Play Store

Google yesterday announced a deal with MGM Studios in which they will be adding approximately 600 titles to the Google Play Store and YouTube for renting.  This is a pretty big deal, but I think we are all waiting on 20th Century Fox to jump on board. I know I am. Google said they have […]


Tapatalk Forum App Free On

Tapatalk is the worlds best app for browsing your favorite forum assuming the system admin has the app installed on the server.  With most mobile based website forums it usually is.  Right now GetJar has the app FREE!  On Google play the app is listed at $2.99.  The price isn’t bad by any means, but come on, […]


Facebook for Android receives update, pushing out today

The other day there was a rumor of a major overhaul to the Facebook for Android app, bringing it more in-line with what iOS users have.  This rumored update has become official now and should be pushing out in the Market today. It may take a little bit of time for the update to hit everyone’s device, but it is coming […]

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SocialScope Finally Coming to an Android Device Near You!

A good friend of mine recently let me in on some great news! One of my favorite apps from my days of Blackberry, SocialScope, is now in Alpha testing.


China Blocks Access To Android Market

If you follow Google, this isn’t much of a shock at all.  China has the world’s largest population per area while Google is the largest internet entity in the world; however, these two have issues with fundamental things and the way China keeps a tight leach on their citizens.  With the way this relationship stands […]


DROID 3 And DROID Bionic Official Bootstrap Recovery Hits The Market

Official bootstraps are now available in the market for $2.99.  Even though the old ones may still work, they are unofficial and may not receive support or upgrades any longer.  Hit the break for the links and QR Codes.

[Review] Air Control by Four Pixels

Air Control, otherwise known as electronic narcotic, is one of the most addicting games I have ever played in my time with an Android.  It is safe to say this game has killed my battery more times than I am willing to share.  I love it…..the wife loves it even more.  Several times I have […]