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Department Of Justice Prepping Investigation Of Nortel Patent Portfolio Acquisition

When the Nortel networks patent portfolio went up for sale there was quite a bit of interest within the big smartphone manufactures.  The Nortel portfolio contains over 6,000 patents that will help any of the manufacturers on the winning side.  The “Rockstar Bidco” consortium consisting of Apple, RIM, Microsoft won the auction with a bid of […]

Eric Schmidt Comments On Patent Infringements And The Success Of Android

During an event in Tokyo held by Google, the Google Mobile Revolution, Eric Schmidt was the key speaker and he took the time to openly address the lawsuits and patent infringements that have fallen upon manufacturers like HTC. Schmidt put the emphasis on the outstanding growth of the Android platform as the reasons behind these […]

Microsoft Reportedly Demanding $15 For Every Android Phone Sold By Samsung

Today it has come to light that Microsoft is demanding a $15 fee for every Android phone sold by Samsung. The reason behind all of this is due to licensing fee regarding Samsung’s Android devices. This has been reported by Reuters, who have cited “local media”, saying that Microsoft has demanded the $15 fee and […]

Microsoft Has Officially Bought Skype For 8.5 Billion

While it hit the airwaves late last night as a rumor, it is now official that Microsoft has bought Skype for 8.5 billion.  Steve Ballmer has stated that the Microsoft-Skype team will continue to support non Microsoft platforms, which does come as a relief to many Android users.  There is specific reference in the press […]

Google Puts Bid In For Nortel’s Patent Portfolio

It is the first official day with Larry Page at the helm and he is already making some moves.  Google today made a bid on almost de-funked Nortel Networks Patent portfolio for a whopping $900 million.  Google has stated that they don’t think companies should stifle innovation by creating patent portfolios, and the current patent system in […]

Google Faced With Another Lawsuit From Microsoft Founder Paul Allen

We had thought that this specific case was over and done with, but it appears that is not the case.  The specifics of this lawsuit is that Paul Allen allegedly holds the patent on”unobtrusive on-screen alerts”, which is basically the way Android notification is delivered in the status bar.  This case was thrown out of court last week, but […]