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MotoACTV App for Non-Motorola Phones

MotoACTV was announced along side with the DROID RAZR, and was said to only be compatible with Motorola devices. Leaving everyone that wants to buy one but doesn’t have a Moto product behind. That statement doesn’t hold water anymore. The developer community has made MotoACTV now available to be used with all Android phones, so you can accept calls, texts […]


MOTOACTV Review by Joshua Munoz from AndroidCentral

The MOTOACTV was announced the same day as the DROID RAZR, and for some of you that are thinking about purchasing one but would like to read a review, well just click on the link and enjoy and let us know what you think afterwards!


Motorola's MOTOACTV available Dec. 1 in the UK

Motorola this morning announced that its MOTOACTV exercise/music accessory will be available in the UK starting Dec. 1. Available for £249.99 (suggested retail), you get the SF200 sports wired headset, wrist strap, clip and USB charging and sync cable. Another £39.99 gets you an arm band, bike mount and wall charger. You’ll be able to […]


MotoACTV – A smart Fitness Watch

MOTOACTV has been announced by Motorola. MOTOACTV is a fitness watch that motorola states it’s the smartest yet. It’s Android-based watch that focuses on fitness and music. The size of the watch is 46mm and weighs 35 grams