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[Update: now $179 on Amazon]Droid Bionic selling for $199 on Amazon with new two year contract

  Update:  As you can see from the new pic above (old pic after the jump), AmazonWireless has now slashed their price to $179 on a new 2 year contract.  Looks like retailers are fighting over who is going to sell this one cheapest! If you have your eyes set on the new Droid Bionic, then you […]

The Bionic’s “Droid Eye” gets caught on film in boot-up video

One of the things that we can always expect when a new Droid phone is getting ready to launch is a sneak peek at the “Droid Eye”.  Every Droid phone has it’s very own boot-up eye, and the Bionic’s has been caught on film.  the video goes on to show off some of the newly […]

Droid Bionic Appears In Best Buy Ads

‘What have we here?  Yes it is another Droid Bionic story, why won’t this device just launch finally?  As you can see from the pic the Bionic has made another appearance in a Best Buy circular, which of course means it will be coming at some point to Best Buy, and hopefully it will be […]

FCC Releases Public Documents Showing Off The Motorola Droid Bionic

Today we have some more pictures of the Droid Bionic that will hopefully be launching sometime very soon. The FCC has made their documents on the Bionic open to the public today. and while there really isn’t anything new here, there are some more pics of the Bionic in all it’s glory.  The one new thing we […]

Leaked Motorola Droid Bionic Page Points To $299 Price Point

The guys over at Androidcentral got their hands on a sneak peek at what is an early version of the Droid Does page for the Motorola Droid Bionic.  This page is reportedly set to go live sometime in the first week of August, which of course gives a little more credo to that rumored launch date of […]

Droid Bionic May Launch August 4th According To Leaked Slide

As we appear to get closer and closer to the launch of the Motorola Droid Bionic more and more rumors regarding the actual launch date are floating around.  The latest comes thanks to a leaked internal slide that shows the launch date as August 4th.  This latest rumored launch date coincides with the Q3 launch that Motorola […]