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Facebook buys Instagram for 1 billion dollars, prompts outcries from some users

Only a few days after Instagram finally launched on Android, social media giant Facebook decided to pull the trigger and buy the company for 1 Billion dollars and some Facebook stock.  Yes that is right folks, that “hipster” filter adding app garnered a huge pay out for the Instagram founders.  Now of course since many […]

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Rumored Google tablet release pushed back to July?

The much talked about Google tablet has apparently been pushed back a to a July release date. According to sources the cause for this delay was so that Google could do some small tweaks to the device, and hopefully getting it The a between tried curl best places to buy generic viagra to increased separating […]


ASUS confirms GPS dongle coming for the Transformer Prime

Last week there was word that ASUS was looking at providing free GPS dongles to Transformer Prime owners to compensate for the poor quality of the built-in GPS.  ASUS has now confirmed this story with AllThingsD and they are hoping to have a system in place by April 16th, however nothing was mentioned as to […]


SwiftKey 3 beta is now available – Brand new look and feel

The latest evolution of the SwiftKey keyboard is now available for download from the SwiftKey VIP community.  SwiftKey 3 beta does everything possible to make you not have to use the spacebar on your keyboard with its fluency prediction engine, this new feature has been dubbed as “Smart Space”.


HTC EVO 4G LTE pre-orders start on May 7th, $200 on contract

If the announcement of the HTC EVO 4G LTE on Sprint got you all excited, you will be happy to know that pre-orders for the device will being on May 7th.  The new “Gold Standard” smartphone from Sprint and HTC will cost you a cool $200 on contract, and if I say so myself looks […]


Sprint announces the HTC EVO 4G LTE

As expected Sprint has announced their latest HTC flagship phone, the HTC EVO 4G LTE. Now we had expected it to retain the “One series” branding that HTC had decided to go with on their new devices, but I guess Sprint wanted to make sure everyone knew it was an EVO. The EVO 4G LTE […]


Gmail app updated – brings ICS flavor to Honeycomb devices

Google has pushed an update out for the Android Gmail app today that brings some of the ICS flavor to Honeycomb devices.  Now of course there are also some fixes and new features for Gingerbread and Froyo devices, however the largest changes will only be felt by those that are using Honeycomb.


Leaked photos confirm existence of kickstand on the HTC EVO One

We are mere moments before the Sprint and HTC event starts in New York City, where we re expecting the HTC EVO One to be announced, and we have some leaked photos pop up.  As you can see from the photo the EVO One will indeed have a kickstand, and will also stay true that […]


TELUS launching the Samsung Galaxy Note LTE in white on April 4th

The Samsung Galaxy Note has become a love it or hate it device, and now there is going to be a white version on TELUS in Canada.  While the large 5.3″ device isn’t for everyone, there is definitely a target audience for this very interesting “phablet”.  If the standard black version wasn’t cutting it for […]