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Fido Nexus S getting OTA Jelly Bean Android 4.1 update

Jelly Bean…Android 4.1….the newest Android OS is now being rolled out for Fido. Word from Android Bugle is that the Nexus S owner got the update. If you haven’t received the notification about the update you can try to force the issue by doing the following steps: Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Apps’ and select the […]


ICS for Nexus S has been Paused

The title explains it all here. I just recieved a tweet stating that ICS update for the Nexus S has been paused. As soon as I get more information on why, I will let you know.


Cincinnati Bell reports Ice Cream Sandwich ready for Nexus S

Android Central reports that Cincinnati Bell has Ice Cream Sandwich ready on their servers to be deployed on the Nexus S starting next week. With my hands on experience for the past couple of days with Android 4.0, you do not want to miss out on this. Get ready for it. prada glasses michael kors […]


New ROMs from IceandFire for the Nexus S and HTC Desire HD

Our very own IceandFire has just released a new version of his ROM for the Nexus S and the HTC Desire HD.  All these new ROMs are part of his *Ultimate* series and definitely bring some nice new features. If you are looking for a new ROM to try out I suggest you hit the […]


Nexus One Units Begin Receiving Android 2.3.6

The Nexus One GingerBread update has been rolling out to the handsets.  This fixes the predominately issue that affected the Nexus S users –  the Voice Search application would activate intermittently and randomly on its own. A new problem with the update is that it breaks the pinch-to-zoom in the default Gallery application, something Google is sure to […]

Nexus S gets Android 2.3.6; Fixes Voice Search Issue

A few days ago, we heard a rumor that Google was aware of the random, and repetitive, Voice Search bug some users were encountering. Apparently, they have been working diligently, because now they have pushed out Android 2.3.6 to Nexus S customers. This issue has been “bugging” some owners for some time now (since April). […]

LEAKED: Ice Cream Sandwich, Running on Nexus S

That’s right, the newest Android OS has been spotted running on a Nexus S. As we see from the pic, there will be some blue, along with a redesigned UI. Some rumors of features like panoramic camera and re-themed Gapps. And yes, the Nexus S will be upgradeable as the Nexus Prime rolls out. Not […]

AT&T Nexus S Now Available at Best Buy

Okay, ATT customers. If you’ve been waiting for a Nexus S that will actually work using your carrier, the wait is over!!!  The newest device from the “Pure Google” line has been released on ATT, and is available through Best Buy. For the nominal fee of $529 ($99 with upgrade), you can own this bad […]

Nexus S Coming To AT&T On July 24th, Pre-Orders Start Today

If you have been longing for the latest pure Google phone, the Samsung Nexus S, to hit AT&T your dreams have finally come true.  Now while many of you may be thinking it is a little to late to be launching the Nexus S, considering we are expecting the new Nexus phone by end of […]

AndroidNerds Exclusive: [ROM] iceandfire Nightly #1 – Samsung Nexus S

    Nightly change log (29 May 2011) Updated to CM nightly #88 Framework changes- -New battery icon -New notification icons -New overscroll effect -New icons -New notification pull bar icons and stuff -New lockscreen icons and dials Droid X2 notifications,sounds and ringtones added. Long press option to open the corresponding settings from the status […]