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Huawei Honor official: 1.4GHz 4-inch Android 2.3.5

We knew Huawei would be pushing out a impressive phone at a reasonable price. Well here it is Huawei Honor aka Glory. Hit the break to check the specs.

HTC Thunderbolt Gets Leaked “Official” Gingerbread

I know what you’re thinking. I am too! “How many leaks are we gonna get?” According to a source, this one is “official”. This build is not yet a “Final” build, but getting closer! If you have been using one of the recent, bug-infested builds, you may want to check this out! And if you’re […]

Skype Update Patches Security Issue, And Adds 3G Calling As Well!!

After a security hole was discovered on the Skype app for Android there was lots of concern regarding the access of personal information.  Skype has acted quickly in resolving the issue and released a new version today that not only patches the security hole, but also adds the ability to perform calls over 3G.  The patch, and […]

Finally The HTC Thunderbolt On Verizon Is Officially Announced!!! March 17th Is A Go!

The day is finally here!!! Verizon has officially announced the HTC Thunderbolt, their first 4G LTE smartphone, and it is about time. Obviously all the kinks have been worked out and the 4.3″ LTE ready device will be hitting the streets on Thursday! On March 17th (this Thursday) the TBolt will run you $250 on […]

EVO Shift 4G Is Now Official From HTC And Sprint

Well moments after some more leaked photos of the new EVO Shift 4G popped up, HTC and Sprint decided to make it official.  As rumored the device will be $149.99 and will be available on January 9th.  Here are the official specs on this new slider. Android 2.2 -5MP autofocus camera and 720p HD camcorder. […]