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Sprint Galaxy Nexus coming April 22nd, pre-order it now!

If you are a Sprint customer and have been eagerly awaiting the Galaxy Nexus, today is a good day.  You can now put in your pre-orders for the device, or you can wait until April 22nd when it will be available in stores.  The Sprint version of the Galaxy Nexus will come with LTE, that […]

Radio Shack Quietly Begins EVO 3D Pre-Orders

ToIf you have waiting to get your hands on a Sprint EVO 3D, you will be able to place a pre-order at Rail Shack starting today.  Much like at Best Buy this pre-order will not be advertised, but if you ask they will gladly hook you up with a $50 gift card and a EVO […]

Get Ready To Dance, The HTC ChaCha And Salsa Get Pre-Order Page With Amazon With POssible Ship Date Of June 26th

  Remember those crazy HTC phones that had a Facebook button?  Most people probably don’t as they have been hiding in the shadows since they were unveiled at MWC.  If you were hoping that they had been scrapped, we ar sorry to ruin your day as they now have a pre-order page on Amazon which does mean […]

Vodafone Is Now Offering Pre-Orders Of The HTC Sensation

If the new HTC Sensation caught your eye, and you really want to get a dual core HTC phone in your hands asap you are in luck.  Vodafone UK has put up their pre-order page for the new device that features Sense 3.o, a dual core processor, unibody chasis, qHD display and all the other […]

HTC Flyer WiFi Model Now Available For Pre-Order From Best Buy For $499

If the HTC Flyer is the tablet that has really peaked your interest, then you may want to hit up Best Buy to get your pre-order in. The WiFi version of the tablet is now up on the Best Buy site as promised, and has a retail value of $499. The expected shipping date is […]

HTC Flyer Pre-Orders Start April 25th At Best Buy

While pre-orders usually make me a little upset due to the fact that I hate paying a little for something that I don’t have yet, I may just pre-order myself an HTC Flyer.  The Flyer has been one of the tablets that has peaked the interest of many people due to it’s size, and some […]

Sprint Nexus S 4G Now Available For Pre-Order From Best Buy

If you have your eye on the Wimax enabled Nexus S 4G from Sprint you can now pre-order yours from Best Buy.  Best Buy has put up their pre-order page with a price of $199.99 on a new or renewed 2 year contract, however there is no outright pricing as of yet.  The release date […]

Rogers Now Offering Pre-Orders For The Xperia Arc And Xperia Play

If the new batch of Xperia phones from Sony Ericsson have peaked your interest and you live in Canada this may be some good news. Rogers is now offering pre-orders on both the Play and Arc, and they will run you $99.99 on a new 3 year contract, with the plan rates running from $50 […]

HTC Desire S Now Available For Pre-Order For Launch On Vodafone

The popularity of the HTC Desire was astounding in Europe and the UK, and for a time was the best Android device you could get in Canada as well.  The refresh od the original Desire, the Desire S,  is now available for pre-order for the April 8th launch on Vodafone.  It is expected that the Desire S […]

Costco To Start Shipping The XOOM WiFi Model On March 27th

With lots of people waiting to get their hands on a WiFi version of the XOOM, it looks like Costco is going to start shipping the tablet a little sooner.  Today Costco has updated their page for the WiFi XOOM and changed their shipping date from April 1st to March 27th.  You are still able […]