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Love Slacker Radio? Want to Win a One Year Subscription to Slacker Premium From @AndroidNerds….

If you are a music buff like I am you have tried just about every music application available for almost every platform available. That being said Slacker is my go to for internet radio. AndroidNerds and Slacker Radio have gotten together to offer you a chance to win one of the following subscriptions: One 1-year […]


Originator of Online Music Storage, eMusic, Launches Android App

Here I go again with my audio rant, but if you are indeed a Nerd when it comes to your music, you’ve most definitely heard of the eMusic service. For others, eMusic is one of the original online music sites, spreading melodic goodness since 1996 or so. Enough history for now. Lets look at the […]


ESPN and Slacker Radio make a Deal to bring Live Sporting Events via Stream

ESPN and Slacker radio have signed a deal earlier this morning that will allow you to stream live sporting events in addition to the ESPN Radio shows already offered. Tonight’s BCS Championship will be the first game featured on Slacker radio but will only be via the web on An Android update is expected […]


Galaxy Nexus having Radio Issues

When I walked out of the Verizon store with my new daily driver, about midday I experienced my Galaxy Nexus drop my 4G connection and sometime even lost 3G. A reboot was needed to respond again. This is only happened twice and it was on the same day, but it doesn’t mean it’s not still occurring. […]