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First Glimpse of Motorola RAZR HD Passes Through FCC

Again with the Verizon news! Geez! OK. Another device coming through the wire! Moto fans, keep on reading…


Verizon Rolling Out ICS to DROID RAZR Users Starting June 12th

According to a recent report from CNET, Big Red could finally be pushing out the 4.0 update to their new RAZR devices soon.


Motorola Mobility Reveals Motorola RAZR™ in Perú [Press Release]

Impossibly Thin Meets Head-turning Innovation That’s what Motorola is saying about the Razr. They are so correct on this one. What other phone do you know that fits so easily into a tight pair of jeans with little effort. Now it is being revealed in Peru. Hit the break to read the full press release.


Big Red Drops Price on Motorola Droid RAZR Just In Time For Mother's Day

This sale is making it pretty tempting to get another Moto™ device. I’ve been a fan of Motorola since I was hacking pre-razr flip phones. Anyway, I was watching TV after a long day, and here comes a commercial advertising VZWs lamely written Mother’s Day sale. The sale is for the Droid RAZR. The price:  […]


Motorola Announces RAZR “Developer Edition” With Unlockable Bootloader for Europe, U.S. Variant Too

Motorola has announced through their community blog, that they will release a RAZR “Developer Edition” which will have an unlockable bootloader. There has been no release date given, but expected to be available very soon. A pre-order page is in the works here. It is also mentioned that there will be a U.S. version that […]


16GB Droid Razr now available from Verizon for $199, White and Purple versions coming on January 23rd

So you may be a little confused as to what the “16GB” version of the Droid Razr is. Well it seems that Verizon has decided to re-launch the Droid Razr as a “16GB” model, so there will be no micro SD card included, and brought the price down by $100. Of course they are doing […]


Motorola Canada and Rogers team up to launch a Razr at some unsuspecting dessert

The folks over at Motorola Canada and Rogers seem to be a little obsessed with firing the Motorola Razr out of an air cannon into whatever is just sitting around. In this latest experiment the Razr has been propelled at incredible speeds towards some unassuming Jell-O and a balloon full of whipped cream. And of […]


Europeon RAZR getting Update with Improvments

The European Motorola RAZR is up next with its own update which bumps the version numbers to 651.73.30, bringing new features and performance improvements. The update includes a new version of Evernote for all your note taking needs as well as general improvements to camera performance.


White Droid RAZR is now available from Verizon for $299

If the standard black Droid RAZR wasn’t your cup of tea, perhaps a white version is for you.  Today Verizon has released the white version of the reincarnation of the RAZR brand name.  There is nothing new internaly on this version, you still get that 1.2GHx dual-core OMAP processor as well as the 4.3″ Super […]


Droid RAZR in White!

Every time I see this phone and especially when I held it in my hands for the first time, it makes me think “Why am I waiting on the Galaxy Nexus?” This light and extremely thin phone looks amazing and now it’s available in white! This morning Verizon announced that the Droid RAZR will be […]