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AT&T Inspire 4G Able To Do HSUPA, It Is Just Disabled For Some Reason

There were some rumblings going around yesterday that for some reason the Inspire 4G from AT&T was unable to transmit via HSUPA, basically the device was unable to upload with high speeds.  There was some people that had been informe that the Inpsire 4G was for some reason unable to utilize the function, but was […]

Motorola Atrix 4G Receives Root Prior To Release

If you have been considering the Motorola Atrix 4G on AT&T but have shied away a little because you need to root your device, it is now time to get  that pre-order in.  As you can see from the pictures some of XDA’s finest have rooted a pre-release Atrix 4G, and while they haven’t revealed […]

Nook Color Running Honeycomb, Videos

  Yesterday we showed you some pictures of the Nook Color that someone had ported Honeycomb over to, well today there is now a video that the dev has made to show the Nook booting up into Honeycomb. While we will have to wait till the full SDK is released before the majority of the core functions are working, […]

Honeycomb Booting Up On A Nook Color

The Nook Color has become of the one most popular “alternatives” to a standard Android tablet.  And when Google decided to release a preview SDK we knew that someone was going to attempt to port it over to something, and the Nook won out.  Deeperblue over at XDA has managed to port over a build […]

Source Code For Shift 4G and myTouch 3G Froyo Released By HTC

HTC has released the source code for the kernels of the Shift 4G and the myTouch 3G. Now this isn’t exactly ground breaking news, but it does let those of you that like to dig around in source code this will give you something to do this weekend. I would imagine that we will see […]

Permanent Root Now Available For HTC EVO Shift 4G

For those of you that picked up an HTV EVO Shift 4G and have patiently been waiting for a permanent root solution, your day has arrived. As usual the community has come through and now there is a method to do a complete root. Of course when it comes to rooting you need to be […]

ROM RELEASE: IceandFire V1.0.1 (2.1.11) – Milestone

You may remember IceandFire from his BlackBerry Hybrid day’s over at NerdBerry. Well IceandFire is back! This time he has built a ROM for the Motorola Milestone. If his ROM’s are anything like his hybrids were then all of you rocking a Rooted Milestone are in for a huge treat! Please be sure to share your thoughts […]

Blur 3.0 Update Leaked For The Droid 2 Global

This is some big news if you have a rooted Droid 2 Global, and don’t hesitate to grab this one.  The team over at BlackHat has released a version of Froyo for the Droid 2,ompletely deodexed, with Busybox installed.  If you wait too long I’m sure that Motorola is going to get this one pulled […]

Nexus One Set To Receive Gingerbread Update Within Upcoming Weeks

Well we will all be bale to rejoice once the Nexus One receives it’s OTA update in the upcoming weeks.  Many ROM chefs need this OTA to be able to get that last bits of code that Google has not released yet.  And while I’m sure that many of you want Google to release it […]

Gingerbread Starts To Get Ported Onto Multiple Devices

As we said when we heard that the source code for Android 2.3 was making it’s way to the AOSP, it was only a matter of time before we wouild start to see it being ported to other devices.  It seems that the number is increasing by the second, but please remember that these are […]