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White Nexus S In The Works?

It looks like the white LG Optimus 2X isn’t the only news for Android today, well in terms of white versions that is.  By loks of things Samsung has been working on a white version of the newest “pure Google” phone, and as with most Android devices, the white part of the body only seems […]

Bell Mobility To Launch The Motorola Atrix On March 17th?

We have previously seen some rumros that AT&T will be launching the Atrix 4G (we know, we know it’s not really 4G) on March 1st, and now it looks like us Canucks won’t have to wait too much longer after that to get our hands on the Bell version.  The Motorola Atrix, as it will be known […]

Verizon Updating Their Tiered Data Plans In Anticipation Of LTE Devices

This really comes as no surprise as we all kind of knew that Verizon would most likely be making some changes to their data plans when LTE rolled out.  Verizon has decided to get rid of their $15 15oMB plan and if you look closely you will notice that the $30 unlimited plan has seen some restrictions […]

Leaked Slid Shows Nvidia’s Plans For The Future… Quad Core!!!

Is the idea of dual-core just not cool enough for you now that there are a multitude of devices being launched with it? Well have no fear as Nvidia as got you covered and they are planning some truly awesome stuff. There have been numerous reports that Nvidia is working on testing their Tegra 3 […]

Motorola Xoom To Only Be $699 At Best Buy??

There has been much debate regarding the price of the Motorola Xoom tablet since the first leak of the minimum advertised price slide. Initial reports put the Xoom at the $800 price range without a contract, and in our minds that is too high. Well here we have another slide from Best Buy that puts […]

HTC Rumored To Be Releasing 3 New Tablets In Upcoming Months

According to a source of Digitimes HTC will be rolling out 3 new Android tablets starting in March. The source said that the first to be released would be called the “Flyer”, not sure what happened to the Scribe name we heard about a few weeks ago. This rumored tablet is said to be launching […]

Will Motorola’s New Devices Be Locked Down??

UPDATE***** Right after everyone starting to report the comment made on the Motorola Youtube video there was a quick retraction on Motorola’s part, so take a look and let us know what you think of their response… We apologize for the feedback we provided regarding our bootloader policy. The response does not reflect the views […]

Samsung Promises “The Next Evolution” At World Mobile Congress

When Samsung unveiled their Galaxy S line at CTIA in March 2010 they called it “unpacked”.  In anticipation of WMC some Samsung fans have taken a trip over to and noticed that it the page has been updated for a February 13th unveiling.  The tag line that has been used is “Something big is coming” […]

Notion Ink Adam Tablet Receives FCC Approval

The Notion ink Adam tablet has been talked about for quite some time now, and it has finally passed through its FCC approval.  This approval should dismiss any thoughts that the tablet was merely vaporware and nowhere near being able to ship any time soon. With that, Rohan Shravan insists that pre-orderers should see their tablets shipped […]

Vibrant 4G From Samsung To launch On February 23rd??

We brought some news a f=week or two ago that the Samsung Vibrant 4G would be launching very soon.  Well today it seems that some news has leaked out that the Vibrant 4G will be launching on February 23rd on t-Mobile.  We still have no confirmation that this device will launch with Android 2.2, considering […]