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Samsung Expected To Release Latest Version Of Their Galaxy Player At CES

As we approach CES 2011 the reports of what to expect are going to be crazy!!!!  Samsung is expected to announce their re-tooled Galaxy Player at the event with some nice specs. The YP-GB1, is said to have Android 2.2, a 1GHz Hummingbird processor, a 4-inch SLCD touchscreen, 480×800 resolution, 3.2MP rear camera and front VGA camera — […]

Will We See Honeycomb in March??

Even though the majority of the Android community are still waiting for Gingerbread to hit their devices, we are now seeing rumors regarding the announcement of Honeycomb.  A recent article from Digitimes is leading us to think that we may see Honeycomb in March. On the other hand, MSI is set to display its 10-inch […]

Samsung LTE Device On Verizon

As we approach CES I imagine that all the LTE devices that are in the works will be outed, and today we have seen a couple.  This one is from Samsung and obviously will be on Verizon’s new LTE network.  This specific LTE device apparently will have a front facing camera, a first for Verizon, […]

HTC EVO Shift 4G Poses For Some More Photos

About a week ago we showed you one of the first pics of the new EVO Shift 4G, basically a EVO with a slide out QWERTY keyboard.  Today there have been a few more photos that have surfaced, and these ones give us a much better look at the device.  The tipster that snapped these photos has […]

Playstation Phone Could Be Named The “Xperia Play”??

The rumors regarding the alleged Sony PLaystation phone have been going on for some time now, but it seems there is some new evidence to show that it will be branded with the Xperia name.  Recently Sony Ericsson was approved for a European trademark on “Xperia Play” and at the same time a Swedish PR […]

HTC Knight (ie. the EVO 4G Shift or Speedy) Shows Up In Best Buy Systems

If you remember back a few days we saw the first pic of the HTC EVO4G Shift.  Well now the HTC Knight has shown itself in the Best Buy data transfer systems.  The Knight is expected to be Sprint’s version of the G2, albeit with a larger screen, as it will have the EVO’s 4.3″ screen.  It […]

Gingerbread To Hit AOSP Sooner Than Expected

Since the annoucement of the Nexus S and Gingerbread, all of us rooted users have been wondering when we will see our favourite ROM chefs cooking up a Gingerbread build. Well according to Google employee Jean-Baptiste Queru, we will see Gingerbread go to the AOSP soon after the Nexus S starts to ship.  Now this […]

More Leaked Photos of The Motorola Prototype Tablet

After Andy Rubin showed off the new tablet prototype from Motorola there has been a deluge of  blurry camera shots.  These latest ones show us that in fact there is a 10″ model.  What these latest shots also show is that it will indeed be launching on Verizon previously thought.  The nice thing is that we apparently […]

Leaked Photo of the EVO Shift 4G

There have been rumors flying around regarding the latest EVO for a while now.  There have been photos of cases, a leaked screenshot of the EVO  Shift 4G in Sprint’s system and we have even seen a ROM.  The Shift 4G had also been previously thought to have the name the “HTC Knight”, and I suppose we […]