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Deutsche Telekom AG is discussing a merger of its T-Mobile USA unit with MetroPCS Communications Inc.

This is an interesting thought.  MetroPCS is a CDMA company while T-Mobile is GSM.  When AT&T was going after T-Mobile is was a very strategic move.  Since the DOJ put a halt to that, why would T-Mobile want MetroPCS?  The answer is very simple, remember back when AT&T was trying to merge it was because […]


House of Marley's Earth Week Contest — A Chance to Win Some Great Prizes!

In celebration of Earth Week, The House of Marley has kicked off a contest filled with eco-minded tips to encourage fans to get serious about helping Mother Earth. How the contest works: First, to enter the contest you must be a fan of The House of Marley’s Facebook page. Each day, there will be a […]