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Google Said to Be Rethinking Google Wallet Strategy

According to a Bloomberg report, Google is said to be rethinking their Google Wallet strategy due to poor adoption rates.  Google is contemplating sharing revenues with carriers in order to make the service more appealing and to them to embrace it. Google is facing the same sort of problem that it had when it introduced […]


HTC and Sprint getting ready to unveil a "new collaboration" on April 4th

Today invites went out for an event in New York City being held by Sprint and HTC.  The invitation speaks of a “new collaboration” between the OEM and carrier.  Now of course we can all assume that it will be one of the new “One” series devices from HTC that were unveiled at MWC this […]


Sprint EL29 Update For Samsung Epic Touch 4G Phone Rolling Out

Sprint is officially rolling out the EL29 update for the Epic 4G Touch smartphone. Shouldn’t be too surprising considering we saw the source kernel became available last week and we expected the subsequent update to drop at any given moment. Hit the break for the changelog on the update:


HTC confirms that they are working with Sprint to remove Carrier IQ from devices starting this month

Recently Sprint announced that they were going to be flipping a switch server-side that would make the Carrier IQ app on their devices dormant.  It was also reported that HTC was pushing out a maintenance update to the EVO 3D that would remove the Carrier IQ app completely from the device.  Today HTC has confirmed that they […]


Sprint Confirms Galaxy Nexus Heading their Way

Sprint announced last week that LTE service has begun with their NOW network, and to go along with that it has been confirmed that Sprint will receive the Galaxy Nexus to fit the new network. The GNex will be no different from the Verizon version, except that it’s said to only have 16GB of internal storage and Google […]


Samsung Replenish 2.3 Update available Now

If you’re a lucky owner of the affordable, physical keyboard Samsung Replenish you will be happy to hear that Android 2.3 is rolling out over-the-air today. The update will include:   Increased speed and efficiency throughout One-touch word selection and improved copy and paste Better power management Downloads app SMS messaging fix If you still […]


MotoACTV App for Non-Motorola Phones

MotoACTV was announced along side with the DROID RAZR, and was said to only be compatible with Motorola devices. Leaving everyone that wants to buy one but doesn’t have a Moto product behind. That statement doesn’t hold water anymore. The developer community has made MotoACTV now available to be used with all Android phones, so you can accept calls, texts […]


Can you Activate the Verzion GNex on Sprint?

Phandroid is reporting that numerous Sprint customers and employees have informed them that you can activate Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus on the Now Network. Online chats and phone calls with numerous of Sprint sale support employees, who are saying the device is ready for activation on their network.


Android 4.0 Upgrade list!

With Ice Cream Sandwich right around the corner, and ROMS are being installed on the Nexus S and so forth. Below is a list of Devices that are expected, maybe and definitely won’t get Ice Cream Sandwich update:


Epic 4G Touch Signal Loss has Possible Fix on its Way

The Epic 4G Touch has been plaqued by the Loss of Signal bug for quite some time now. The “LoS” mostly happens in the areas with a spotty coverage and affects both 3G and 4G networks. A reboot would easily fix this issue but you should have to go that route to fix the problem. […]