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Sprint Keeps Unlimited Data Plans Says CTO Stephen Bye

Every other major carrier has been cutting data plans leaving Sprint with the last remaining true unlimited plan.  People were wondering if this was going to change to match the rest.  Changing the data plan structure is not something we didn’t se coming with 4G coming to most phones and the cost to revamp the […]


T-Mobile Officially Announces The HTC Amaze 4G And Samsung Galaxy S II

  The day most of us have been waiting for!  T-Mobile announced the arrival of the most anticipated Samsung Galaxy S II and HTC Amaze 4G.  Today at GigaOM’s mobilize conference in San Francisco T-Mobile announced thier line of 4G devices HTC Amaze 4G and the Samsung Galaxy S II.  Both of the phones were announced at […]


Sprint Giving Away 1,500 Nexus S 4Gs at Open Solutions Conference

Samsung will be premier partner of Sprint at their 11th annual developer conference. It’ll take place in early November. People who have signed up and amongst the first 1500 registered attendees, you’ll be getting a free Nexus S 4G with one month of service.


Samsung Galaxy S II Sales Hit 10 Million, Excluding The U.S. [Press Release]

There is a lot to say about a phone that can sell 10 million phones in 8 weeks up from 5 million – 625,000 per week.  It’s not a big surprise that the SGS2II did as well as it did.  The phone truely is one of the best phones, if not THE best, on the […]


EVO 4G Replacement Will Be EVO Shift or Samsung Epic 4G

Granted its not the most exciting news this week, but its good to know.  I spoke to a trusted source at Sprint who confirmed the Evo Shift or Samsung Epic will be the replacement for the Evo 4G which has hit End of Life status.  I asked him if the  Evo 3D was a possibility and he […]

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Early CyanogenMod 7 build for LG Optimus Black now available for download

The revolution known as Cyanogen will never cease to amaze me.  LG Optimus Black get some CM7 love.  Not that I am surprised by it really, I am almost convinced (after the HP port) that the developers of CM can port it to a TV given enough time.  This early build is brought to you […]


EVO 4G And Kyocera Echo On The List For End Of Life

Good phones they were, revolutionary phones they were, ending soon they are.  Sprint has had a leaked shot of some phones that have reached the end of their roads.  The one phone that stands out the most is the very first 4G phone, EVO 4g.  I would think this is caused by the release of […]


OTA update brings Google Wallet to the Sprint Nexus S 4G

For you lucky folks out there that have a Sprint version of the Nexus S you should see an OTA update roll out to you in the near future.  This update will bring the highly anticipated Google Wallet app to your Android device, which will finally make that NFC chip seem worth while.  Samsung has […]


Samsung Galaxy S II Sprint Epic 4G Touch receives full root

  Well no real surprise here, but it looks like the Sprint variant of the Galaxy S II has now received full root and is ready for all you crazy flash maniacs to get ready for some custom roms.  It usually doesn’t take long for someone, this time around it was zedomax at XDA, to crack […]

Samsung and Sprint Release The Galaxy S II Epic 4G TODAY!

Flying through the internet as rumors, leaks, confirmations, pics and more……the wait is finally OVER!  Sprint has released the Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch today.  This sweet baby is right now the creme de la creme of phones and will get heads turning almost every where.