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Nvidia’s Quad Core Kal-El Processor Has A Fifth Core

  Well if you’ve been waiting for Android tablets with Nvidia’s next line of quad-core processors then we’ve got something for you. Folks over Ina Fried over at AllthingsD reported that Nvidia’s next line of processors “Kal-El” will have a fifth core running at a lower frequency than the other 4 cores and is used […]

[BREAKING] Apple gets Tab 10.1 BANNED in Germany

Apple, creator of the infamous iPhone has numerous patent suits going against Samsung.  The suits stem from patent infringments alledgedly made by Samsung for copying the “look and feel” of the iOS operating system.  Samsung previously has been repeatedly attacked by Apple in several countries.

Samsung Note: Half Tablet, Half Smartphone

I’ve been hearing a few people mention this device lately around the various forms of social networking I am plugged into these days. Many people seem to want the Samsung Note over the company’s Galaxy SII, and even the upcoming Prime! Must be something I’m missing.

Leaked: New Samsung Windows 7 Tablet – Full Specs!!

So last week we told you about how Samsung was announcing a Windows 7 tablet on September 1, well it is September 1st and we are back with tons more leaked info in this new tablet PC! We have spoken to our trusted source who told us know about the specs on this beast of […]

Canadian XOOM owners grabbing Android 3.1 As We Speak

This is kinda backwards to me. Isn’t it Canada who usually  gets all the stuff first? Kinda strange that Americans have been enjoying 3.2, the people of Canada are just receiving Android 3.1! In a tweet from Motorola Canada:

Samsung Continues to Sell Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Netherlands Amidst Truce with Apple.

Looks like Samsung is making a last minute run for sales! Although the two device manufacturers, Apple and Samsung, take a semi-break in the patent wars, the time of justice is soon approaching. The board’s decision will be reached on September 15th, and won’t take effect until October 15th! This gives Samsung another two months […]

Sprint’s Tablet Line is now Android Dominant

Sprint getting pretty selective in their choices of what they carry! Now they decide to drop the Playbook? May not be a bad move, considering it is the only tablet device without a native email client. Still stumped as why they decided not to carry it. Hmm. The rest of there tablet line can be […]

Walmart, Amazon Offering 8-inch VIZIO V-Tab for $300

Vizio has a long, well known reputation for bring quality yet affordable LCD and LED tv sets into living rooms.  Did you know they also made a tablet?  Yep, they do and of course its Android……

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Coming to Rogers This Month

Canadians can rejoice knowing the Samsung will be coming to Rogers next month.  The Wifi version is already there, however, leaked documents point to a 4G version.

University of Southern Mississippi to buy 1,000 Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablets for Honors College program

Samsung Mobile announced today that University of Southern Mississippi will be offering 1,000 Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablets to Honor College pilot program.  View the press release after the break.