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It’s A Tablet, No It’s A Phone, Actually It’s The ASUS Padfone

A week or so ago ASUS teased everyone on their Facebook page about a new device they were getting ready to unveil that would blur the lines between the tablet and the phone.  Today at Computex in Tapei ASUS unveiled their new device the Padfone, which is a phone and a tablet ll in one. The idea […]

Certain Sprint Stores Are Already Selling The Nexus S 4G [Video]

Even though the Nexus S 4G on Sprint isn’t slotted to hit the shelves until this Sunday, some lucky Android fans have managed to get their hands on one early. So if you are currently waiting patiently, or not, for Sunday to roll around you may want to get down to your local Sprint store […]

AndroidNerds Deal of the Day: Tether for Android for only $14.99!

Have you ever been stuck in an airport, hotel room, coffee shop, or on the road with no Internet? Frustrated paying $9.95 for 30 minutes of internet service? Resorting to your Android but wished you could use your laptop? Tether is here to provide a solution to all those worries! Tether is an application that […]