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HTC says 8 Phones to receive ICS update in January

HTC has announced that eight of their phones will receive Android 4.0 in the first quarter of 2012. Phones that are mentioned to receive Ice Cream Sandwich are the EVO 3D, Amaze 4G, Sensation, EVO Design 4G, Vivid, Rezound and let’s not forget the Thunderbolt which would all you owners happy about this information from HTC. Even better news for the […]


HTC releases Gingerbread kernel source code for the EVO Shift 4G, Thunderbolt and the Droid Incredible

This bit of news isn’t going to be for everyone, but we know all you devs out there like to get your hands on these.  HTC has released the Gingerbread kernel source code for the EVO Shift 4G, Thunderbolt and the Droid Incredible. They can all be grabbed from the HTC Developer Center, and should […]


Pre-Alpha Ice Cream Sandwich Port for HTC Thunderbolt

The SDK port for Ice Cream Sandwich was seen yesterday for the Nexus S and today PhanDroid reports that the Thunderbolt is getting a little love to. Jdkoreclipse was able to get the pre-alpha ROM booting but unfortunately, not much else is working. With the source code not being released by Google, not even the touchscreen […]


Verizon Pushing Gingerbread Update for Thunderbolt

Verizon released the Gingerbread update (2.11.605.3) the quickly yanked it after a major security flaw was found, which might have frustrated some of you T-Bolt users.  After a solid wait a new version of Gingerbread (2.11.605.5) is making it’s debut, with


Massive Security Vulnerability In HTC Android Devices (EVO 3D, 4G, Thunderbolt, Others) Exposes Phone Numbers, GPS, SMS, Emails Addresses, Much More

Normally we wouldn’t do this, but we are going to classify this as a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT.  If you own a HTC Android, we urge you to view this post by Android Police who discovered a severe critical vulnerability.  These folks did a very comprehensive job is describing the issue so you will be informed on what you stepped […]

HTC Thunderbolt Gets Leaked “Official” Gingerbread

I know what you’re thinking. I am too! “How many leaks are we gonna get?” According to a source, this one is “official”. This build is not yet a “Final” build, but getting closer! If you have been using one of the recent, bug-infested builds, you may want to check this out! And if you’re […]

Hulu Plus Adds Four More Android Devices To Their List

When it comes to Hulu I am no expert, as we do not have it up here in Canada, but this is good news for any of you that do have access to it.  Amidst changes in costs from Netflix, the fine folks at Hulu have added another four devices to their compatibility list, the HTC EVO 4G, HTC […]

Thunderbolt Gets Sense 3.0..

No it isn’t an official release, but the HTC Thunderbolt has recieved Sense 3.0 thanks to the new release of Das BAMF. This is a release canadate so there will be some bugs, but its worth giving it a shot. If you like Sense 2.1 or don’t 3.0 is a big improvement. If you don’t […]

Thunderbolt Update May End Up Including Gingerbread, Skype Video And Fix Reboot Issue

When the Thunderbolt update was delayed I know that many a TBolt owner was upset and ready to throw their device out a window.  Well it looks like that the wait may be well worth it in the end as new rumors point towards to the update being an official Gingerbread update.  This would be […]

MR2 Update For The Thunderbolt Gets Leaked And Already Turned Into Some Custom ROMS

There was news a few weeks ago that the HTC Thunderbolt would be receiving the MR2 update from Verizon, however not till after June 15th.  Well lucky for all you TBolt users the update as leaked out and already been incorporated into some awesome ROMS.  If you are more into just running your TBolt the way HTC […]