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Google Maps gets updated to v5.10.1, includes improved location accuracy and more

  Google Maps received another update today, which brings the build up to version 5.10.1.  This update includes some fixes and tweaks, especially to the location accuracy of the Transit Navigation.  Not too much else was added or improved this round, but its not like Google Maps is in need of a major overhaul or […]

Google Maps Updated, Includes Transit Navigation Improvements And Bubble Buttons

Google Maps received an update today with some nice fixes and additions.  This update brings the version to 5.9.0 and the highlight is the inclusion of Bubble Buttons.  The last major update include the addition of Transit Navigation for those of us that tend to get distracted with our phones and lose track of stops.  Well this update included […]

Google Maps Updated to Version 5.7, Introduces Transit Navigation In 400+ Cities

Google has just announced the latest update to their Google Maps application.  The update brings the version to 5.7, and introduces some nice new features.  One of the latest additions is the Transit Navigation (Beta), that provides GPS enabled transit navigation (stop-by-stop or turn-by-turn) in over 400+ cities around the globe. While this is still […]