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Twitter updating soon adding great direct message support

If you ever have used Twitter for communication with friends and associates beyond timeline items, you will know it can be very very frustrating. Well Twitter has announced that they will be updating the back end of their Direct Messaging system to add greater support. Some of the main fixes will be great cross platform […]


Verizon announces a "4×4" Galaxy Nexus Giveaway for the Next 4 Days

Verizon Wireless has announced a “4×4″ Twitter contest that will give 14 lucky people to receive a free Galaxy Nexus. While owning one, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this. It’s the most talked about Android phone and the first to be launched with the Android 4.0. Starting at 10 am Today till Friday the 27th, […]


Contest: Win 1 of 4 invites to Alphascope by Socialscope

  The incredible app from Socialscope has been made into an Android app and is called Alphascope.  We at Androidnerds have come across a few invites to one of the worlds BEST Twitter apps.  No please remember, this is in ALPHA stages and there are still bugs being worked out.  But it’s still one of […]


Twitter Updates it's User Interface

After Facebook’s nice refresh update, Twitter released an update of their own. The user interface has been redesigned and pretty well at that. The four timelines have also changed “home” which is the timeline, “Connect” which is your mentions, “Discover” which is your search and hastag center, and “Me” which is your organized profile and […]

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SocialScope Finally Coming to an Android Device Near You!

A good friend of mine recently let me in on some great news! One of my favorite apps from my days of Blackberry, SocialScope, is now in Alpha testing.


Issimo For Android Gets New Update For TMZ VIP members

We received word from @britishturbo that a new update for Issimo is available at for VIP members.  You may remember when we wrote an article about Issimo previously.  We are unsure about changes or improvements to Issimo at this time.  You can become VIP at TMZ here. via @BritishTurbo


Tweetissimo aka Issimo gets Android Update

I was going through Twitter and cam across a tweet that caught a LOT of peoples eye.  Yes, the famous Issimo twitter client for Android and BlackBerry has just got an update.  Issimo is available through  Currently it is still in beta and only available for VIP’s.  If you don’t know about Issimo then […]

Bionic Twitter Page Dubbed Fake

That’s right. This new trend of making fake pages for upcoming devices is slightly getting under my skin. As it is with most of my fellow bloggers. Someone always has to exploit us with regards to Android news and info. With all the hype surrounding the new devices, foremost the Bionic, one has to think […]

Twitter for Android updated

Do you like the interface of the official twitter app, but need multiple username capability? Wait, is…yes, the new update now includes this feature. You know what else? It now has push notifications! What else can you ask for in an app?! Not much, if you ask me…but who’s asking? lol Get this update in […]