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Twidroyd Receives Update To Version 6.0 With Lots Of New Features!

When it comes to third party Twitter clients for Android the choices can be a little overwhelming.  UberMedia has announced the release of version 6.0 of their Android client Twidroyd, and it includes some very nice enhancements and new features.  UberMedia has called this one the “biggest release ever”, and here is the giant changelog; navigate in twidroyd with the awesome […]

Leaked Image: UberSocial Headed to Android Good Bye Twidroyd?!?

  I just stumbled across  a web link that took me to this screen above. It appears that UberSocial is headed to Android! Does this mean Twidroyd is going down the drain? At this point no one knows. It looks as though UberSocial for Android can be purchased for $4.99 using . If you are […]

Twidroyd Is Back!!! Let The Tweeting Begin!

UberMedia has finally got their re-tweaked Twitter clients approved, and you may now re-download and get back tweeting away your day.  Earlier this weekend Twitter banned UberMedia’s apps as they were in violation of some rules, but luckily the fine folks that bring us Twidroyd went hard to work, and after waiting for approval their […]

UberMedia’s Official Statement Regarding Their Suspension

UberMedia has now released their official statement regarding their suspension for violating Twitter rules with their clients Twidryod and UberTwitter.  UberMedia has apparently made all the necessary fixers and hopefully the apps will be back up and running shortly.  Personally I always have a couple Twitter clients on my device, just in case one isn’t working, but […]

Twitter Suspends Twidroyd And Other UberMedia Twitter Clients

If you are a user of Twidroyd you may have noticed that you weren’t getting any notification of updates, this is due to the fact that Twitter has suspended Twidryod and other UberMedia clients such as Ubertwitter.  If you aren’t signed in to the app at the moment you will not be able to, and […]