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90% Of All Android Devices Have Android 2.1 Running

If you are one of those unlucky few that have a device that seems to be stuck on Android 1.5 or 1.6, you may have been wondering how many other users there are like you. Well it seems that 90% of all Android devices have Eclair, or Android 2.1 available to them now. Google released […]

In-App Purchasing Coming To Android

The last big announcement we got today at the Google event was that in-app purchasing is making it’s way to Android.  This will allow for users to buy songs, or update to premium versions of apps from within the app itself.  No longer will you have to buy and download a premium key from the […]

New Firefox 4 Beta For Android Released

Mozilla, makers of the uber popular Firefox, have released their Firefox 4 beta for Android.  Mozilla has been working on this browser for quite awhile, and hopefully we will see it come out of beta sometime soon.  The new features of Firefox 4 are; Now faster than stock Android browser Nearly three times faster on […]

Tweetdeck Twitter Client Updated To v1.0.7, Now Includes Support And Bug Fixes

Tweetdeck is definitely my favourite Twitter client for Android, especially when you use a moded version by WJDDesigns (Tweetdark).  This latest version adds something that many users have been clamoring for, and that is  No longer are you limited by 140 characters on your tweets, although we recommend you keep it short and sweet whenever possible. […]

Motorola Atrix 4G Won't Support 1080p Video At Launch, But Software Upgrade Will Fix It

There has been quite a debate about whether or not the specs of the Atrix 4G are too much. Recently there has been rumors of over heating issues, which were debunked by Motorola, and now there is an issue with the video encoding at 1080p. It has been confirmed that at launch the Atrix will […]

Canadian Launch Of Nexus S Points Towards AT&T Launch Perhaps

During a sit down Dave Dobbin, the CEO of Mobilicity, talked about the Canadian launch of the Samsung Nexus S on not only his network but also on the Rogers,Telus and Bell.  Now this should have set off the alarms for me, as I am from Canada and have used an AT&T Blackberry Torch with […]

Sony Ericsson Claims they Are Dedicated To The Android Platform

If you follow Android at all you are well aware of the issues that have plague Sony Ericsson and their attempts to release and update their devices.  While there is no doubt that they make some fantastic hardware, they have always fallen short on the software side.  However SE wants to change this perception and in an interview with […]

Motorola Atrix Coming To Bell Soon

Just on the heels of the Atrix leak for AT&T it seems that the Canadian carrier Bell did not want to left out to dry.  The web page that will allow users to sign up for release updates has gone live.  This type of thing ususally happens a month or two before the device is […]

Telus Samsung Fascinate 3G+ Froyo Source Code Released

Samsung has released their Froyo source code for the Telus Fascinate 3+.  So if you are the type of person that wants to poke their head around in some Sammie code here is your chance.  Head on over to Samsung opensource site and enter in the model “SGH-T959D”. While manufacturers are required to release the […]

New Partnership Between Shazam And Spotify Equals Great Combo!

Shazam is a miracle app for those of us that are seemingly unable to remember a song title or artist, and now this app has become even more powerful for the music lover in all of this.  Today Shazam and Spotify announced a new partnership that will affect users in the UK, Sweden, Norway, Finland, France, Spain […]