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Rumors Of Xperia Arc Running Android 2.4 Dismissed By Sony Ericsson

If you remember back to last week there was a pic of the Xperia Arc leaked out prior to its announcement and it showed an Android version of 2.4.  Well today SE today dismissed the rumors of the Arc running 2.4 and said that it was a misconfiguration issue.  Sony Ericsson’s Rikard Skogberg also went […]

Blur 3.0 Update Leaked For The Droid 2 Global

This is some big news if you have a rooted Droid 2 Global, and don’t hesitate to grab this one.  The team over at BlackHat has released a version of Froyo for the Droid 2,ompletely deodexed, with Busybox installed.  If you wait too long I’m sure that Motorola is going to get this one pulled […]

Motorola Updates Their Roadmap For Android OS

This latest roadmap from Motorola concerning some of their older models may be the worst news some of you may read today.  It seems that Motorola does not plan on updating any of their older models to Gingerbread, and in some cases many of them will never see Froyo.  Hopefully Motorola will come to their […]

New Fossil Watch Prototype To Sync With Your Android Device

If you watch the Blackberry community at all you would know that they have eagerly been awaiting the release of a “smartwatch” for quite some time.  While it looks like Fossil has decided to give “geeks” and “nerds” a chance to look very stylish while wearing a “smartwatch’.  The Fossil Connected will sync with your Android device via […]

Facebook For Android Updated With Chat and Push Notification

Coming to Android from a Blackberry the one thing that I truly miss is push notification.  Well the update to the Android Facebook app today has put a smile on my face!  Not only does the app now include chat, but with the addition of push notification, v1.5 is a huge step up for all Android users […]

Samsung Galaxy S Issues For Bell Customers

If anyone of you are a Bell customer and are currently using a Samsung Galaxy S phone you may have had some issues recently.  It seems that quite a few customer using the Samsung Galaxy S i9000M (The Vibrant) have been having problems with their removable storage.  It some cases the SD card is becoming unreadable, un-mountable, […]