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Samsung Stratosphere Hitting Verizon October 13th, Specs And Manual

The Samsung Stratosphere is set to arrive at Verizon Wireless on Oct. 13. This phone has circulated around tech sites for a while now.  This mid-range phone is a single core 4G phone with a sliding keyboard.  You can see the specs and get the manual to it after the break.  There is no pricing […]


Samsung Nexus Prime hitting Verizon October 27th [Rumor]

We ay now have a date on when the Prime will hit the streets, although, it may not hit it as Prime.  According to reports it very well may be coming to Verizon Wireless on 10/27.  While it is unconfirmed a tipster did give Android Community some dates that were inside the VZW internal system. […]


Class Action Law Suit Sought Against Verizon Pre-Paid From Retailers

Thanks to a wonderful tipster of ours we find out about a law suit brewing against Verizon pre-paid for fraudulent charges.  The lawsuit alleges Verizon has been boosting activation numbers by forcing authorized retailers to purchased cheap dumbphones and load them with $30 in airtime.  Verizon Wireless executives who manage the New York Verizon retailers […]


Motorola XOOM 2 in 8″ & 10″ Sizes Unveiled

Motorola Xoom shots get leaked just in time to get the juices flowing for the holiday season.  The Xoom 2 will come in 2 flavors 8″ and 10″ and will contain the spice of Verizon Wireless 4G LTE.  This would be a surprise if it didn’t have 4G in it.  Going to the pics we […]


HTC Vigor To be Renamed Rezound

  Deep in Big Red’s internal filings show the model number ADR6425 that was known to be for the HTC Vigor.  It appears that new phone will in fact be called  HTC Rezound.  Not sure what brought on the name change but just going by that itself if may have Dr. Dre’s Beats Technology.  The phone […]


Verizon "UNOFFICIALLY" Supports AT&T-Mobile Merger

Verizon Wireless CEO Lowell McAdam was speaking at the Goldman Sachs investor conference when unofficially supported the two companies merging together.  He made a statement that is a clear endorsment with out the “big red tape” AT&T buying T-Mobile is like gravity. It had to occur. T-Mobile has spectrum, but no capital. And AT&T has the capital, […]

AmazonWireless Gives $50 Gift Card With Every Verizon Phone Purchase

AmazonWireless has a sweet new deal on their site, a $50 gift card for ANY Big Red phone device purchace or mobile broadband purchase with a new line on a new contract.  On the “Read More” page they list a mix of 27 devices.

Verizon finally makes the Motorola Droid Bionic official, arrives September 8th for $299 on contract

The day has finally come that the Motorola Droid Bionic is official.  The journey has been a long one, as we first saw the Bionic back in January at CES, and then it went under the knife for some changes and enhancements.  The new and improved Bionic will run you a hefty $299 on contract when released […]

Big Red Offering Customers Early Upgrades in Time For Fall Superphone Lineup

Here goes Verizon, with one of its “lockdown” tactics. If you are a long-time VZW customer, you may want to check your email!

Verizon Receives Droid Bionic Shirts! – Bionic Launch Around the Corner?

  Verizon has started receiving Droid Bionic t-shirts! Here recently the Bionic has been in and out of the news the last time we saw anything on the Droid Bionic was back on the 18th (Droid Bionic Appears In Best Buy Ads). With BIG Red getting some very cool Droid Bionic swag it could only […]