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Share Your Life Experiences, 36 Seconds at a Time, With Keek

When I saw this, I thought to myself: “of all the names of social networks these days, now I’ve seen them all”. When I saw what it does, it was a different story.


[APP] Tango Video Calls Receives Big Update

Tango reached out to us to let us know about the big update to Video Messages in their application. Below is the change log from the update. •  Send a FREE Video Message without calling first! •  View your Sent & Received messages! •  Group Video Messaging! •  Send messages to friends who are not on Tango!    


Unboxing and first impressions of the Rogers Motorola RAZR

Friday we saw the release of the Motorola Droid RAZR on Verizon.  The resurrection of the RAZR name has been met with some mixed reviews, and it seems to be a love or hate relationship.  Earlier in the week Rogers in Canada also released the Motorola RAZR, without the Droid branding and the lack of […]


Video Review: SPB Shell 3D Launcher

IceandFire reviewing the SPB Shell 3D Launcher for


Nexus Prime – Something BIG Is Coming

We know about it, we’ve seen it, we like it, we want it! The Samsung Nexus Prime.  The put out a video that it only 30 seconds long and really doesn’t say anything; it does, however, had Android lovers from far and long keenly aware of the Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2011 being held at CTIA in […]

The Bionic’s “Droid Eye” gets caught on film in boot-up video

One of the things that we can always expect when a new Droid phone is getting ready to launch is a sneak peek at the “Droid Eye”.  Every Droid phone has it’s very own boot-up eye, and the Bionic’s has been caught on film.  the video goes on to show off some of the newly […]

Do You Have The Urge To Throw A Kyocera Echo On The Ground? This Video Will Help

I am sure that there was a large number of us that just wanted to throw and thrash the Kyocera Echo when Sprint announced, and unveiled the device.  At the same time I am also sure that not that many of us were willing to go and buy one just to have the opportunity to try and break and […]

New Samsung Galaxy S II Commercial Encourages You To “Unleash Your Fingers”

Now if you weren’t to show me the last few seconds of this commercial I would have no idea what it is for.  The ad is in fact for the new Samsung Galaxy S II, however you don’t see anyone handle one or use it to navigate around the city, or any of the other usual smartphone […]

T-Mobile Blocking GTalk Video Chat Over 3G On The Nexus S

One of the biggest features of the Android 2.3.4 update for the Nexus S was the ability to perform video chat via GTalk.  Many T-Mobile users have complained that they have been receiving a notification when trying to perform a video chat over 3G that states they must connect to WiFi to complete the call. […]

HTC Releases A “Closer Look” Video For The Sensation, Everything You Need to Know And More

If you have been wondering when we were going to see more information come out regarding the HTC Sensation, today is the day.  While we still don’t have any solid dates for when this new dual core device from HTC will make it’s way to North America, you can at least check out this 6 […]