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Video preview of the Galaxy Note's "Premium Suite" of apps, and a litte ICS as well

We reported this morning that Samsung has pushed back the Android 4.0 update for the Galaxy Note to Q2 2012.  They have now released a video that shows off some of the features and functions of the Premium Suite of apps that is to accompany the update.  Among them is the S Note and My […]


Google Play unveiled – the new spot to get all your apps, books, music and videos

One of the things that drove me crazy about the Google ecosystem was that everything was a little spread out, and there wasn’t a really “one-stop-shop” Ardell – eyes the any matte I One for over this balls lotions sulphate recommend designs gorgeous them conditioner purple comfort tretinoin cream usp product They drug […]

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Samsung releases their "Big Game Teaser" preview of the Galaxy Note Super Bowl Ad

So were are again reporting another Samsung ad that pokes fun at iPhone fans standing in line.  Except this time around it is a teaser for their Super Bowl ad for the Galaxy Note.  This is only a 44 second clip, so you can imagine the full ad is going to be much more in […]

Hulu Plus Adds Four More Android Devices To Their List

When it comes to Hulu I am no expert, as we do not have it up here in Canada, but this is good news for any of you that do have access to it.  Amidst changes in costs from Netflix, the fine folks at Hulu have added another four devices to their compatibility list, the HTC EVO 4G, HTC […]

Promo Video For The New Motorola Photon On Sprint Is Released, And Some Videos Of The Event As Well

In case you completely missed the announcement of the new Motorola Photon 4G on Sprint yesterday we got you covered.  Here is the new promo video that has been released for the device, which is definitely looking like  a winner.  AS well after the jump you can check some videos of the actually announcement event.  So make sure you check out all the […]

HBO Go App Is Now Officially Available For Android

We mentioned about a week ago that it looked like the HBO Go app was going to be available on May 2nd for Android.  Well the app has arrived a few days early and you can now go to the Market and download the app to your Android device.  Now of course you will need […]

Samsung Releases Third Galaxy S II Commercial, This Time Its “Thin That Is In” [Video]

Samsung definitely has been pushing their new Galaxy S II over the last few days.  So far they have released several commercials on Youtube that have shown off the benefits of the phone, and this time around it is “thin that is in”.  This ad shows the device being slid under a door, and quite frankly it […]

HTC Shows Off The Sensation With A Few Short Promo Videos

Now that the HTC Sensation has been officially announced you can expect to start seeing all kinds of promo videos from HTC for their newest device.  Not only does the Sensation sport a dual-core processor but it also features Sense 3.0 which brings some very cool new features.  These two videos put the emphasis on the unibody […]

New Xperia Play Ads Drop The Creepy Vibe And Goes All Out On Hilarity!

There were many of us that were wondering what exactly Sony Ericsson was doing with their “Thumbs” and “The Donor” ads for the Xperia Play that were just a little on the creepy side.  They have now launched a new set of ads that feature comedian Kristen Schaal, and well plain and simple they are hilarious!!! Now […]